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Imb39 (wiki).jpeg
Ex-Owner of Total War Center
Ranks: A God in Colchester, Citizen
Patron: Garbarsardar
Patron of: King Henry V, Seneca, Sheep, Sher Khan, Mangalore, Perikles, scottishranger, Atterdag, Elrond, Ozymandias, Pannonian, Phoebus, Captain Arrrgh!, WImPyTjeH and Chris_uk_83

ex-Owner of TWC.

Short and Sweet

Joined in late 2004 around the time of the RTW release. Patronised by Garbarsardar on September 15, 2005 and appointed a Urbanis Legio on January 27, 2006. Elected by the Curia to the role of Quaestor on March 19, 2006. [1] Soon became a Global Moderator (Praetor) on April 12, 2006. Bought the site on January 21, 2007 after a series of events and crises at TWC culminating in Honor&Glory being appointed Head Administrator and the removal of all other staff. Currently imb39 is simply the most awesome guy on TWC, pending official recognition.

Long and Dull

imb39 is a child of the sixties. Born in 1969, he was planted in front of the TV at the tender age of about 5 months to witness the moon landings. Needless to say, his memory of that event is somewhat hazy.

A Londoner, imb39 has spent the vast majority of his life in Britain, save two years living in Egypt. His chosen vocation, teaching, facilitated this move and has allowed him to waste inordinate amounts of time at TWC, something he joined in September 2004.

The spur for imb39 deciding upon settling at TWC was the Time Commander video section. These downloads were hosted at the time, but removed for legal reasons later. So, he joined, downloaded and forgot, or rather peeped around, finally deciding to post in the Vestigia Vetustatis sub-forums on a topic about decisive battles of World War 2. Ironically, one of the first replies was from Wilpuri, the founder of the House he was destined to join. During this period he was asked about becoming a Civitate but queried if he had the time to put into the role. It went no further…

Due to pressures at work, imb39 withdrew from the forums until January and slowly began to get involved again. Resigning from work, imb39 got more and more involved and over the summer was probably matching the legendary Ozymandias for posting rates, if not quality. Finally, in September,Garbarsardar sent a curious PM asking if he was interested in becoming a Civitate. It must be said, that as the site had become more important to him, he jumped at the chance, despite not knowing who this ‘Garbarsardar’ person was.

Over the next few months (the end of 2005) imb39 carried on as per normal. Barely noticing the Curia, he concentrated on the ‘Pit and VV subforums. He also obtained his first client, King Henry V (who was destined to become a pivotal editor of the Helios). He also began to get involved in the Curia and took part in the heated debate regarding Drakkassleron’s recent Civitateship. This was, in some ways, one of his defining Curial moments (for him, that is, many others might not have noticed). Garbarsardar also used the time to tell him about some of the recent history of the site, specifically the schism in May 2005.

At this time a few member of staff resigned from moderating duties. Imb39 felt he could spare an hour or two every evening and sent in a speculative PM offering to help. Imagine his shock when it was accepted. The shock was genuine… He became an Urbanis Legio.

A few weeks later a position as Quaestor came up. Many urged him to go for it. Displaying typical restraint (his interpretation, others would say typical lack of confidence) he declined. A few weeks later he was promoted Quaestor, in March 2006.

At the turn of April 2006 more resignations came about and imb39 was promoted to Praetor and got a seat on the Hexagon Council. He was astonished to find that within a few weeks he was being considered for admin (even if it was a cursory consideration, he is not sure) but declined. He was still getting to know the Praetor role.

The summer progressed and he spent his time helping people out, and trying to calm the Curial fires. As September came upon us, moves were started in Hex (based on some of the ideas of members of the Curia) to change the roles of Civitates and Patricians. He volunteered to take part and help get them through the Curia. It was done, partly, due to the tumult that the Curia seemed to be in most of the time.

It is fair to say that he thinks the changes were a worthwhile attempt but that they did, in the end, fail.

It was also at about this time that issues to do with the running of the site were beginning to boil over in Hex. Imb39 has, wherever possible, been a consensus person and was increasingly concerned, along with a few others, with the erratic and authoritarian direction that Hex was being dealt with. He was not alone.

In October, imb39 and the majority of Hex started to discuss ways of changing things – trying to decentralise decision making apparatus within Staff/Hex and sharing the workload (the admin at the time complained bitterly about the amount of work he had to do).

Imb39 became the first, and only, Chairman of Hex but found the role difficult to establish and not something he particularly enjoyed. He resigned in November, on the same day that Garbarsardar did. Besim rode in at that time and proceeded to wreak havoc…

imb39, distraught at the utter chaos and the total absence of leadership from the Senior Staff, contacted Besim and sought to calm the fires and explain the way the site works and the fact that it was a community as much as it was a forum. He got Hex access and immediately opened up lines of communication between the different levels of Staff. He was accepted back in Hex within a week. During this time, imb39 made his first attempt to buy the site. He contacted Ogre but was declined. It was a very useful move, though, as it provided a background for later events, none of which were expected or planned for.

Over the next couple of months, imb39 found himself getting more and more inactive. Christmas loomed and he felt it was time to leave again. The Site was more or less stable. He had helped, in his own way, to restore virtually everything that Besim had removed/changed. He was urged to go on holiday and think about it. He did.

After holidaying in Granada and pondering things, imb39 came back with renewed energy. He began to question Hex’s role within the site itself and challenged the members of hex itself. He also posted a radical thread in the Curia questioning the set up of members within the Curia.

Archer resigned. Imb39 was voted on as being his replacement. ON sacked everyone. The rest, as they say, is history…

There are a few people who have shaped his views at TWC. The key figures are, in no particular order –

Garbarsardar, Mimirswell, Wild Bill Kelso, Simetrical, Søren, Gigagaia and Professor420

He has also been a prolific patron – King Henry V, Seneca, Sheep, Sher Khan, Mangalore, Perikles, scottishranger, Atterdag, Elrond, Ozymandias, Pannonian, Phoebus, Captain Arrrgh!, WImPyTjeH and Chris_uk_83.

He is also indelibly linked to – Marquis de Sade and Ronin and Gaius Baltar.

Apparently a huge fan of Stephen Fry, a British comedian.

A God in Colchester

imb39 has recently taken up the title of "A God in Colchester". The story of this and the reason why he has chosen this title is from the famous novel "I, Claudias" (I, CLAVDIVS). Claudius became emperor because he was regarded as so weak and ineffectual by competing factions and as other parts of his family killed themselves. imb39 see's that he reached the top because he was viewed as harmless. He referred to himself as Claudius at times - though he doesn't claim to have any of his abilities!

One of the lines in the book is "a god in Colchester" so, Garbarsardar and a few other Administators gave him this title. Though technically, it should not exist or be allowed as it has not been passed by the Curia, though nobody has yet objected against him/it.

imb is hopeful to keep his title for the rest of his TWC days.


A God in Colchester Empire.png

Civitate radadir.png


Divus large.png Divus

Macebiggold.png Gold Moderator's Mace

Loincloth large rahl.png Asterix's Loincloth

Siteaward2009large.png 2009 Site Award, Favourite Moderator

2008 Award.png 2008 Site Award, Best mentor

2007 award.png 2007 Site Award, Multiple

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