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Gaius Baltar

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Currently Known as Gaius Baltar, which was named after a character from his favorite TV show, BattleStar Galactica.

Also known as Gaius Baltar, Nicholas Rush and Van Zandt.

Nicholas Rush has been a TWC-member since March 23, 2006. He spend the majority of his TWC-time beta-testing some of the mods at TWC, including TE 5.1, Arthurian Total War and Chivalry Total War. He is also serving as Local Moderator for Terra Expugnandae (for RTW).

He has served on the Consillium Bella, Consillium Paxis, and the Committee on the Expansion of TWC. He has been somewhat involved in CVRIAL politics for some time. He vocally opposed the "Patrician Reforms" and played a small part in the "Staff Revolt" of October, 2006, after which he failed a vote to confirm the moderator position that he had previously occupied. He was also involved in the "January Revolution" which resulted in the purchase of TWC by imb39.

He has suggested several amendments to the Syntagma (Constitution), at least one of which is now part or the Constitutional law.

He has also written close to a dozen articles for both the Helios and the Eagle Standard. His primary genre in the Helios was the Arts and Sciences, which he originally joined while King Henry V was editor. His articles for the Eagle Standard include; Numenor: Total War and Paeninsula Italica.

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