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The Purchase

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The series of events which led up to the Sale of the Site detailed in this article lasted from January 16, 2007 until January 20, 2007.


A number of reasons can be attributed to causing this incident. After the Besim Episode there was still a lot of resentment from the TWC members towards the owners, Ogres Net. The members believed ON were out of touch with the community and ON were wary of some members of TWC trying to buy the site before, which they falsely believed was a Curial attempt to take over. Those who had attempted to buy the site before still though there was a chance of succeeding and were willing to play upon ON's weaknesses to achieve this, rightly or wrongly. When HorseArcher unexpectedly resigned [1] as Head Administrator of Total War Center the remaining Hexagon Council were unsure how to react. As highlighted here ON wanted a three administrator system (Triumvirate) back and Hex started voting on who should be the administrators. imb39 sent an email to ogre on January 14, 2007 to assure him TWC would adapt to this new ON administrative model, he received no reply. This process was abruptly halted however, on January 16, 2007, by the appointment of Honor&Glory as the only administrator of TWC. Incidentally, Hex had decided upon imb39 as Head of the Site, with Fabolous as Content Administrator and Simetrical as Technical Administrator.


Honor&Glory was appointed Head Administrator of TWC and proceeded to demote all the staff who he believed he could not trust, mainly those who were pro-Curia, anti-ON or had been against him at some time. HG however did not remove the abilities of the staff to ban, moderate and administrate for several hours. The rest resigned within the next 24 hours. Belisarius then controversially removed all the content on the TWC front page, replacing it with V for Vendetta videos. Belisarius was then temporarily banned by Simetrical so no more changes to the content could be made. Aristocrat banned HorseArcher, unbanned all the people who had been banned and resigned.

Chronology of Events

Friday January 12, 2007

  • Archer resigned unexpectedly [2]

Tuesday January 16, 2007

  • Lusted resigns from staff [3]
  • Staff removed by Ogre and HG made Administrator [4]
  • Belisarius copies and then removes the content from the TWC front page, replacing it with 'V for Vendetta' clips of the Houses of Parliament being destroyed.
  • Honor&Glory removes the ex-Staff's moderation access after failing to do so when demoting them.
  • HG advertises for new moderators [5]
  • Number of members banned a few hours later

Wednesday January 17, 2007

Rome ac Farnan

Thursday January 18, 2007

  • Gaius Baltar is made a moderator [6]
  • Members are unbanned but treated poorly by administration

Friday January 19, 2007

Saturday January 20, 2007

  • After discovering their accounts were in Coventry Ozymandias and Perikles begin to spam the forum with links to Archer's Plot using duplicate accounts and encourage others to do so. These members are also placed in Coventry and some members are IP banned.
  • Using a duplicate account the spamming of the link to the new forum is started by Perikles and a full scale spamming riot begins at TWC. [7]
  • imb39's and gigagaia's accounts were deleted by an (unknown) administrator.
  • imb39 buys the site late into the night, putting the deletion of his account to the best use, and along with Simetrical orders a stop to the spamming. [8]
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