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The Besim Episode

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Total War Center History
The Sale of the Site
October 2006
November 2006
December 2006
January 2007

Besim reappeared at Total War Center in November 2006 to do what he described as general forum maintenance and upgrades. many welcomed his return after a long abscense and were pleased when the forum software was upgraded and he promised a new 'Medieval style' skin. However on November 30, 2006 Besim took a number of decisions which proved very unpopular with the vast majority of forum members. He deleted the Curia from general view and only after talking with many of the staff did he reinstate it. He removed a number of ranks, only retaining the rank of Artifex and creating a new 'Senior member' rank. This system was too reversed in the following days. However Besim's most controversial actions were in his treatment of the membership who did not agree with him. He banned Professor420 for protesting, forcing him to write the article called Of the Exile. When members such as Perikles protested at the suspension of Professor420 he threatened to ban them too, these member then turned to spreading Prof's articles in their signatures. Besim eventually left TWC at the urging of Archer, but his remaining changes, such as the new skin, were left intact.

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