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Archer's Plot

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Archer's Plot

This truth of Archer's plot. I have evidence to back this up but feel it inappropriate to show it here. I also have a number of sources that point me towards this conclusion.

A Little History

The plan has been developing for a while now. Archer tried to buy the site during the middle of last year, then zboards did and finally imb39. All these failed after the culmination of the Besim Episode in which he tried to force the sale of TWC to Zboards (see Of the Exile for more details) This plot emerges after the fall of Besim.

The Plot

Archer resigned last week, suddenly, citing he had real life issues and had no time. This is now known to be false as he is now back in charge of TWC as sole admin. This reminds of a Pompeyesque plot when Pompey resigned Political life, at the advice of Cicero, the people and senate then needed him to eliminate the pirate threat so Pompey was brought back and given Dictator style powers over Rome. The parallels with our current situation are obvious. Archer resigned last week, knowing that Ogre was going to appoint Honor&Glory (Richard the Lionheart) as admin. He knew all the staff would be removed by HG (he probably told him to do so)and this would cause uproar resulting in suspensions. He knew HG would be sacked by ON and he would be the only person that ON would appoint as the new Sole Admin. Archer has studied his Roman History and is now in a similar position to Pompey, he has no opposition at all. This plot is one of genius I have to admit, but we musn't let it succeed for we will go from problem to problem until ON have left TWC for good. The Puppeteer has now revealed himself...

The Evidence

While I can not show some more conclusive evidence due to some respect I still have for people I can say that Archer has more or else admitted he knew HG was going to be admin when he resigned. Here is Archer posting at TWC (Source)

I can write it up as my fault, of not informing well enough either Meyiogen and Ogre, that they will have such a riot with changes like this, but again, I didn't care by then, I resigned and I just had enough, because I felt that no matter what I do, there will be intrusions.

So I went with the changes, supporting just how bad this place can become.

I have to say, I added to the fire, when I came back as a local moderator and started to ban members and worked with HG down here pushing people to the bottom and chocking them down.

This tells us that:

  • Archer knew HG would be admin and resigned knowing this
  • He knew HG wouldn't last as admin due to his unpopularity

From this the conclusion that Archer resigned knowing he would be sole admin within 2 weeks can be reached.

The Removal of Privileges

This morning a number of users including me, imb39, Ozymandias and Tacticalwithdraal have had certain privileges removed from our account, while Archer was not online. The conclusion can only be that there is another invisible 'usermasked' admin who will not show up with the admin rank but has full access to the Admin Control Panel. A number of threads have also been deleted within the past hour. However Archer himself has now gone into invisible mode.

The Evidence

  • Follow the quoted link in this post (Click Me). It says the thread is no longer there but we are quite sure it yesterday.

This shows someone who is not a visible admin is removing the privileges of certain members, Crandar Style. Either someone is a secret admin or Archer is steadily removing our abilities one by one...

We can't Post!

Archer has now removed our ability to post, we can post but no one else can see it. We can't Pm either. Meiyogen is refusing to help us so I suspect he is involved. Here is the current list of those who are affected:

  • Perikles
  • imb39
  • Tacticalwithdrawal
  • Søren
  • Ozymandias
  • Aristocrat (Who had his Patrician Status removed for pointing out to Meiyogen that he is uncreative)
  • -apocalypse-
  • Lusted
  • TB666
  • Manstein16
  • Publius
  • vikrant
  • Ragabash
  • Bigfootedfred
  • Asterix
  • Wild Bill Kelso
  • Aristophanes (permabanned)IP banned
  • Mimirswell
  • the_mango55
  • gigagaia
  • Professor420
  • God
  • Sétanta (Mudd)
  • Garbarsardar
  • rome ac

The list of the banned for helping us by posting messages at TWC:

  • Mangerman
  • Calle22
  • Totalfan, Yorkshiremen and mafiaboss (are duplicates of Perikles :P )
  • Jan-Taihwo
  • Consummatease
  • Augustus Lucifer
  • C44 (duplicate of Calle22)
  • Greve Armfelt
  • Numerous duplicates of RZZZA
  • Spiff
  • Luguolo
  • Shyam Popat
  • Numerous duplicates of KScott
  • angmar_nite
  • Numerous duplicates of Calle22
  • Bulgaroctonus
  • |Sith|Duke_Spartacus

Accounts deleted:

  • imb39
  • gigagaia

Archer has gone too far now...

We know that it is Meiyogen too, he more or less admitted to it on msn to me and Ozymandias. He doesn’t want us to be able to advertise the new site and thinks this will stop us!

I would like to thank anyone who I asked to post on TWC to get the message out, poor old Mangerman even got banned for it.


Add this to your sig:

[url=http://tw.generalscollective.com/wiki/index.php?title=Archer%27s_Plot][color=red][size=3][b]The Truth[/color][/size][/b][/url]


A word from imb39 here!

I have been silenced and warned in a vindictive manner for the simimsple reason I created a duplicate account. This is within the ToS. As I have not been banned, the warn is excessive. Considering the moderator who performed it, Gaius Baltar, clearly has personal issues with me and has victimised me before.

I have tried to post this message I posted on another ON site. It has not been deleted there, so I can only assume it is perfectly within the ToS. The level of moderator abuse at my internet home is quite disheartening.

My several times deleted post -

With the current situation, deteriorating as it is (I have posted two threads - both removed - asking why other threads are being summarily removed without any explanation and why I cannot look at many of my friend's last posts) I am inclined to simply walk away now.

My message to those who do work with ON is consider this - the mismanagement going on at TWC has NOTHING to do with curial politics. It has NOTHING to do with me - I am totally confused and somewhat upset over this. It has NOTHING to do with incompetence within TWC itself.

Now, let's look at where the problem does stem from (clearly, my point of view only). I would really appreciate if someone, just someone from ON actually bothers to reply. Given that my unpaid work for nigh on a year has contributed towards your collected coffers, surely I deserve something...

My main gripe is with ON. I mentioned above that there was no incompetence with TWC. That is correct, the incompetence lays at ON. Firstly, they sack the group of people who have steered TWC to be the premier TW site. They don't even bother to communicate on any level with many of the admins (I cannot recall, for example, one conversation initiated by them). They have no ideas of the personalities involved, save one - Archer -and have made no attempt to find out. If they have done this, then my opinion would be somewhat lower.

They gave admin rights to a member who was at best a junior moderator and who was perilously close to being sacked several times due to some of his moderating style. He has vowed, many times on TWC and other forums to wreck it and seek revenge. He buttered up Besim. He buttered up Ogre. Both listened. Both, I am afraid, were derelict in their duty to the site. Even Archer recommended against him to be admin, but that was not even listened to. We also have a new bloke in, Meiyogen who does the standard procedure - the incompetence in handling this situation just beggars belief.

Given TWC's importance to ON, you'd expect some monitoring to take place. You'd expect some safeguards to be taken by ON - but no. H&G was allowed to cause havoc for two days. Archer has specified he will run the site into the ground as admin (several days ago). I even pointed the post to Ogre. Still nothing was done. I cannot find it anymore. I do not care anymore.

Well, I walk away from it all now. ON know how to get hold of me or my colleagues. ON know that we are setting up another home. Should we fail - I do not care. What I care about is that I, and others, walk away from an organisation that is disrespectful and cares nothing for the communities it professes to love.

I suppose, though, at the end of the day, I am upset with me. I gave them so much - in good faith too. I never abused my powers, even when frustrated. I have always tried to seek consensus and build up relations between the various members of the site and with ON too. My reward? Ignored. Sacked. Insulted.


This has been moved here from Of the Exile where it was located before this article and highlighted the problems which eventually became the HG incident. I have removed parts that have now been covered in my article


This is my, Perikles's, part of the ongoing saga that is the fate of TWC. I shall update it as events happen to keep the community informed.

The Merger of the Forums

With Prof away and after just seeing this I find a pressing need to share it with the community.

As I read the offical Ogre's net forums for the first time in a while i came across this quote made by the Ogre himself (Link):

Well, I had thought about doing global forums, but not everybody was into the idea because of differences between the sites. I'm still wanting to do it, because I think it would build a better sense of community.

Or in other words Ogre wants to merge all the ON forums together into on to build a sense of community (and save him money). In the posts that follow different people agree with this idea, mainly admins of smaller sites, however other disagree (such as our very own Fab!) due to the size and rebeliousness of TWC.

Only time will tell what this will mean for TWC...

The Triumvirate Returns!

The old style Triumvirate system of an Imperator and 2 Consuls will be introduced at TWC, probably within the week. After hearing rumours from some sources, this was confirmed by a post at the official Ogres Net forums by the new Network Administrator Meiyogen (Source).

Website administrators are required to focus on a main task, hence the three-tiered administrator hierarchy. There really isn't any common understanding about how it's applied or should be applied, all that matters is that there will be an administrator hierarchy and each and everyone will and is required to follow the hierarchy

  • Technical Administrator (main)
  • Gaming Administrator (executive)
  • Community Administrator (executive)

What this means for the rest of Hex and the future of TWC remians to be seen...


ON have actually demoted all the competant staff and replaced them with the most hated person on the site! LMAO! And this is not a joke, i repeat not a joke. The most incompetent and hated moderator in TWC history is now the sole admin of Total War Center.

  • The Saga Continues

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