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ex-Moderator of TWC

Patron of:Goscinio, Kara Kolyo, burrek, MarcusCorneliusMarcellus, Candelarius, Rammstein and RTR Fan

Perikles was a moderator. (4 Aug 06 - 4 Sep 07)

TWC Moderator, CDC and ex-CoP member. Author of Archer's Plot.

Member of the House of Wilpuri under the patronage of imb39.


  • Joined February 4, 2006
  • Became Civitate March 23, 2006
  • Elected to the Council of Peace June 21, 2006
  • Elected to the Consilium de Civitate for the first time July 13, 2006
  • Appointed Tribounos Moderator August 4, 2006
  • Appointed Patrician 30th August, 2006
  • Appointed Global Moderator
  • Resigned September 4, 2007.

The story of Perikles' short but eventful time at TWC


After joining in February 2006, Perikles became a regular of the Political Mudpit where he was noticed by a few members as being potential Civitate material. His mainly conservative views were shared by members such as Carach and the Black Prince, while he often debated agaisnt Shyam Popat and Ozymandias. He was eventually patronised by Ummon a month after joining and joined the ranks of the Curia just before the April Fools Joke on the members.

Summer 2006

After the ensuing crisis of alleged widespread use of PM's to canvass for votes he was controversially appointed a Moderator along with Evariste and Seleukos.

The Depression


October was the month of the Staff Rebellion against Archer. A letter called for his resignation from Imperator to either Hex or Staff or the general membership. TWC was in chaos (yet again and not for the last time). Archer had just demoted everyone and promoted HG to Hex ( this being the HG who then saw some unfavourable things about him in Hex, which had some bigger consequences for TWC down the line) along with Belisarius to Admin. Eventually after much arguing, all those who had been demoted, were repormoted, and HG and Belisarius (who eventually returned) left TWC. Hex became a supposed council of equals and everyone was happy (well we'll see about that later on).

The Ongoing Saga of Selling the Site


Perikles logged on TWC one morning to find:

  • A New Skin that was Pink
  • Half of Hex demoted
  • The Curia deleted (well removed from view)
  • All Civitates and Patricians demoted

Professor420 was quickly banned, Perikles told Besim he could not just do that at TWC, it was not how we operated by threatening members and banning them. He then threatened to ban Perikles for dissenting! After some flames and trolls, Besim caved in and gave control of TWC back to Hex. Notably, HG reappeared during this episode.


It was 6 weeks since Besim and his activity had declined sharply. He found logging on a chore, let alone moderating or posting. Then he refeshed the main TWC Index and suddenly the Staff Forum and Curia were gone and to his utter amazement Richard the Lionheart had a bold purple name (One really can not understand how much of a surprise this was, Perikles' spat out his tea - haha). On joining the thread in the Suggestus he thought this was a joke, surely the most hated person on TWC was not really an admin, how wrong Perikles was. As more facts emerged people began to realise this was not a joke. Perikles was soon banned.

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