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Ranks: Council Officer Aministrator | Artifex | Citizen
Patron: Perikles
Patron of: None

MarcusCorneliusMarcellus is a Council Officer Aministrator for TWC


Looks like he is fairly new to the admin team. He replaced the spot left by Zephrelial on June 11, 2008. See the thread here: [1] If you look through that thread, you'll find a good many quotes about how happy folks are to see him in the admin position, a few angry grumblers too! He was once an Admin of the RTR site and Mod Leader for RTR, he's a business consultant in real life, he loves cycling, enjoys writing stories/AARs, and has lived all over the world- Aus, US, Canada, India, UK the last 5. He's been a long time member of the CB though, judging from posts about him in this regard. I found a thread regarding the first CB session stating that he was one of the members. He was given the Artifex badge in March 1, 2007 primarily for his work with RTR. The first session took place August 2007-March 2008. He was one of the "elected and appointed" members of this first meeting. In June 15, 2008 he became the "co-chair" of the CB. He recently took up the CB initiative for a modding tutorial. I'm not sure if this is a public forum or not but here is the link: [2]

Significant Events

  • On June 26, 2006, MarcusCorneliusMarcellus joins TWC.
  • On March 1, 2007 Is presented Artifex badge.
  • On June 15, 2008 He became the "co-chair" of the CB.
  • On August 2006-2008, Is head of the RTR Comunity.
  • On January 1, 2008, Becomes a wandering mystic.

Ranks Held









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