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Staff Rebellion

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Total War Center History
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October 2006

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The so called Staff Rebellion (or October Plot) was a successful request by the staff to try and make HorseArcher give up his role as Imperator and treat staff more equally. This event took place from October 12 to October 14. It is one in a series of actions which would result in imb39 buying TWC from Ogres Net


There are a few reasons why this event took place. Mainly it was due to the Administration of Archer, it was felt he didn't consult others enough when taking decision (as shown by him unbanning Ferrets54 with out asking anyone else). It was also felt he did not share enough of the administrative tasks, leaving him with a lot to do and other with little to do.

Tacticalwithdrawal had resigned a few days before. [1] While it was believed at the time he had resigned by those outside of Hex, those inside and those who knew about this plot knew that he had been forced to resign. This created a lot of ill feeling and was prompted this series of events to begin.

A number of Hex members decided to ask Archer to resign. About a week prior to asking Archer to resign a forum was created where the so-called 'conspirators' could draft and discuss the letter. initially this forum was only used by the hex members of the plot, but access was soon extended to the Tribounos who felt the same way, starting with those deemed most trustworthy.

A number of pieces of 'evidence' were collected to be shown to Archer in an effort to get him to notice his own faults and resign and the letter below was drafted with it being posted on October 12, 2006, 03:22 PM GMT by Imb39 in the Staff Forum.

The Letter to Archer

"Dear Archer,

We, the undersigned, have lost confidence in your ability to lead this site by yourself. We would like to respectfully request that you remove your superadmin access. All of Hex can then discuss the future of the site's leadership.

There is nothing personal about it. We all believe you are a nice guy who truly means well, but are just not suitable for your post. We believe you can help this site from any other post and we welcome you to assist us.

We are sorry for the manner of this action but you made any other alternative unavailable to us because of your style of leadership that you yourself admit is unchangeable.

Thank you for your understanding,



Archer was outraged by this action and the letter was soon followed by the demotion of all the staff who had signed the letter, and the temporary removal of the Curia. The recently demoted staff protested against their demotion in the Questions and Suggestions forum Archer advertised for new moderators and gained notoriety for the dubious quality of the newly recruited (which where Manji, Gauis Baltar, Katrina and rome ac). Honor&Glory was promoted to Global Moderator and as he could see the Hexagon Council forum saw unfavourable comments about him made by previous members. Fabolous was also promoted to Hexagon and Belisarius was promoted to Consul, but resigned the next day.


Thanks to the efforts of people such as Tacticalwithdrawal reconciliation was achieved and all the demoted staff were repromoted. Honor&Glory was dismayed and bitter at the repromotion of staff and demotion of him back to a normal moderator and vowed to leave the site permanently, returning six weeks later when Besim started to interfere in TWC again. Belisarius also said he would leave the site, but returned later on. Fabolous, Wild Bill Kelso and Spiff were promoted to hex. This was soon followed by reforms within Hex and staff as a whole to share power around more and to share the workload. The position of Hex as a council with 2 ranks: Global Moderator and Administrator was removed and instead Hex became a council of equals with differing levels of Administrative access and roles.

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