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Wild Bill Kelso

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Wild Bill Keslo, or WBK, joined the community sometime in November of 2002, at its original home of mtw.gamercastle.com. A member of the original "Old Guard", WBK still tries to keep as active as he can with TWC affairs.


DISCLAIMER- WBK is getting old and as with anything, things begin to fade with time. He apologizes for any potential factual errors reported herein-

WBK was introduced to the Total War series by chance encounter with a software bargain bin in the summer of 2002. Within this bin were many copies of Shogun: Total War. Intrigued, WBK went on to purchase the game and was extremely surprised by the addictive qualities of his “new” game. He was even more surprised to find out that the next installment, Medieval: Total War, was to be released in the next month! Unfortunately, he was on a rather tight shoestring budget and had to wait until November to purchase his own copy.

His earliest recollection of playing the game was a massacre of his feudal sergeants by some Almohad urban militia. Dismayed by his defeat, he went about searching for assistance. Fate had it that the first site he stumbled upon was the precursor of modern day TWC: mtw.gamercastle.net. WBK was a little apprehensive to join as he had never participated in a forum, but none the less he registered and had his question answered. He didn’t post that much, and any posts he did make were MTW related, though he did start to converse with a members such as Siblesz, The Knight 2100, morble and Iron Duke though PMs and MSN. Thing continued like this for about one month but then, a member named Mehmed II made a Poll which irritated WBK. In response WBK initiated his first thread/poll entitled “How bad my fart smell is”, which needless to say, wasn’t met with much enthusiasm by his new found internet friends. However, from that day forward, WBK became more active in the off topic area.

The forum became quite a regular part of WBK's life over the next few months into 2003. He recalls getting a PM sometime in early 2003 from a new and eager member, who had a golden phoenix against a black background as profile picture, commenting on how he was soon to surpass WBK's post count of 70. Things appeared to be stable and calm until the host of gamercastle informed Paul that support for the forum would be cancelled. In a panic Paul then had to move the forum to a new site. WBK recalls chatting with Paul online to discuss the potential name for the new site, though he can't specifically remember if he had any influence on the final url name of "legiontotalwar.com". The fact that WBK has the user profile number of 6, which is technically the second legitimate user profile number at TWC and is preceded by Paul is because he was chatting with Paul at the time the site was first brought online.

Things WBK remembers but can’t remember where they occurred:

• Siblesz letting WBK enter the hidden admin forum when Paul wasn’t around. Then to Sib’s horror, WBK left a “I was here” thread, which Sib quickly deleted. (Either at Gamercastle or early legiontotalwar.com)

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