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John I Tzimisces

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Formerly known as "eXc|Imperator", John I Tzimisces has been a member of the site since November 08, 2004, has been a Civitate since September 29th 2005. Under the Curial law in late 2005, he was granted Patrician rank 2 months after receiving Civitate status, on December 29th 2005.

Within the next month he was approached by his patron, Seleukos, on the issue of putting his name forward to run for staff, and was appointed Cohortes Praetoria January 16th 2006. Shortly thereafter, on the 27th of January 2006, he was confirmed as a Quaestor, as at the time, there had been a few resignations in staff, holes to fill, and his performance was deemed good enough.

On December 21st of 2006 he resigned due to personal reasons, but returned to staff on February 28th of 2007. On April 10th 2007 he was promoted to the rank of Strategos. He resigned again August 13th of 2007, until, inevitably, and confusingly, rejoining staff again 20 May 2008. He has since resigned.

His hair is rapidly graying and is altogether hateful but is generally alright.

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