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First Steps

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Total War Center History
The Sale of the Site

October 2006

November 2006

December 2006

January 2007

The First Steps towards the eventual purchase of the site were taken in November 2006, 2 months prior to the actual sale. Perikles and Evariste were quite irritated with Besim's interference in the site and as early as November 25, 2006 were discussing how much the site would cost and whether it could be bought. Upon approaching General Sun about buying the site (November 28, 2006), as he had his own site and servers already, things began to gather pace. The 3 members discussed some aspects of running TWC including the financial side of things and the administration. It was decided community donations would be the best way and with this in mind imb39 and Professor420 were brought into the conversation. The small group then invited the Ogre to the conversation and were dismayed to hear there was another deal, but to buy the whole network for $1500, with zboard and this was in the latter stages of negotiation. Mid way through the conversation imb39 offered to buy the site outright to prevent any confusion and problems that may arise and made this offer to Ogre. However, ogre was at work and had to leave the conversation.

The next day, November 29 2006, Ogre made this post on his blog [1], attacking Besim as 'greedy' and saying the zboard deal was the likely option. This obviously angered Besim, who now knew that some members of TWC were attempting to buy the site. Of the Exile is a good account of how this linked with Besim's action the next day and how this threat to the zboard deal forced him to take drastic measures. The following day began what came to be known as the 'The Besim Episode'.

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