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Ogre's Network

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The Ogre's Network Logo

The Ogre's Network, or Ogre's Net for short is a former computer games fan site network, of which Total War Center was a part until its sale to imb39 on January 21, 2007. Total War Center had been the largest ON site from the removal of Half-Life Fallout from the Network, until the sale of the "ON's" assets. The owner of Ogre's Network was known on TWC as 'Ogre'.

Early History

Ogre's Network was created in August 2000 by Eric Lizotte, "Railwolf" and Jim "Red Phoenix" Chamberlin as a rebranding of the "Gametropics Network". Lizotte as owner of the site gave his internet nickname of "Ogre" to the newly founded network.

As the network developed, DisturbedRoach, later known as Besim, joined the Network staff, bringing the websites that were part of his RTS Gamer Network with him, including Rise of Nations Center and Age of Mythology Center (Which was to be merged with Ogre's "Through the Ages" website).

An Early Ogre's Net Logo, circa 2004

Railwolf and Red Phoenix were later to leave the Network Staff for other projects, leading the way for Brian "Mithras" Standish to become the main technical administrator behind the network, with "DR" as the main network graphical designer. The Mithras-Roach partnership dominated the Network for the majority of the last two years of the Network's existence, with Ogre taking a more back-seat observational role.

Total War Center Acquisition

Total War Center became a network asset after discussions between Besim and Siblesz, after disagreements involving Time Commanders videos with Creative Assembly

Total War Center Sale

For more details on The Sale of the Site, see Total War Center History#The Sale of the Site.

After much commotion on the forums, caused by a large array of disagreements involving Archer, Besim and Mithras' replacement as Technical Administrator, Meiyogen on one side and the Civitate Body and a number of Moderators on the other, Ogre sold Total War Center to Imb39 bringing an end to the Ogre's Network's links with TWC.


After the sale of TWC Ogre's Net began to demise quite quickly until the network was dissolved during April 2007.

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