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Site Administrator of TWC

Badges/Roles:Civitate, Patrician, Senatorii
Patron of:Empress Meg


Mimirswell is a Council Member and Administrator of Total War Center. His contributions to the forum largely reside within the Curia, Common Community (particularly the Vestigia Vetustatis), Staff and Technical Staff.

  • Became Civitate: 13 January, 2006
  • Appointed Urbanis Legio: 12 March, 2006
  • Appointed Pro-Curator: 13 March, 2006
  • Appointed Patrician: 13 April, 2006
  • Elected Quaestor: 22 April, 2006
  • Appointed Praetor: 17 May, 2006
  • Ratified Curator: 8 June, 2006
  • Resigned Curator: 16 August, 2006
  • Resigned as Site Administrator: 15 November, 2006
  • Rejoined as Site Administrator: 14 January, 2007


Early Membership (23 November - 13 January)

On 23 November, 2005 an interesting topic in the Vestigia Vetustatis convinced Mimirswell to register and post after lurking for some time. The positive feedback (as well as a private conversation with Valus) would have Mimirswell continue posting at a frequent rate within the VV. His posting focused between posting in the Historical Quiz Thread and numerous posts on Classical history. These included:

These along with an eclectic mix of threads throughout the Thema Devia resulted in Mimirswell being patronized by Valus and confirmed as a Civitate on 13 January, 2006 on his 100th post. As part of a pledge Mimirswell made in his Civitate post, he formed the short lived Thoth Society.

The Curia (14 January - 11 March)

On 14 January, 2006 Mimirswell entered the Curia and began a series of reforms to change the structure of the staff and constitution. His first post in the Prothalamos outlined an aggressive change to the Staff system that would allow non-citizens to join staff and upon retiring be citizens. Though this idea failed to gain much momentum, Mimirswell was undeterred. Proposals that Mimirswell sponsored and drafted between 13 January and March 12, 2006:

Perhaps the most important Bill that Mimirswell espoused during this time was the formation of the Consilium de Civitate. Initially proposed by Wild Bill Kelso, Mimirswell adopted the proposal after Wild Bill Kelso had grown weary of debating it. Though it took two proposals and four months, it passed. It was also during this time that he also first advocated the Medal/Award System that is used today (though it would take over a year before it was implemented).

As a result of his near ubiquitous presence within the Prothalamos, Justinian, the newly elected Republican Consul appointed Mimirswell as Pro-Curator on 13 March, 2006. A day before, after volunteering twice before, Mimirswell was chosen as Urbanis Legio of the VV.

Pro-Curator and Urbanis Legio (12 March - 18 May)


As Pro-Curator, Mimirswell took a harsh line on off-topic posting within the Curia, drawing the ire of some members of Senior Staff when he culled their "spam" posts in several threads. Mimirswell ignored such ire and gradually the Curia acclimated to the new atmosphere. No longer able to propose Bills, Mimirswell instead used his position to draft the bills of others so they would meet the constitutional criteria to enable them to vote. He created several tools still in use today by the modern Curator, such as the Compiled Curia Information; he also took the then unprecedented step of seeking feedback within the Curia on his job.

Urbanis Legio

Whilst Pro-Curator, Mimirswell was also Urbanis Legio of the VV. Focusing strongly on keeping the standards of the forum high, he spent much of his time advocating using credible sources, proper formatting of posts, and the merits of constructive criticism. He also discovered that Marduk of Babylon was plagiarizing a great deal of material, including some from fellow forum members. In staff, he focused on improving the overall efficiency of staff with ideas such as (requires Moderator's Den access):

On 22 April, 2006 Mimirswell was elected Quaestor.

Other Contributions

During this time period, Mimirswell was not solely active in his capacity to Staff/Curia, he also wrote a number of Articles, including:

Curator and Praetor (19 May - 11 October)

Mimirswell was appointed Praetor on 17 May, 2006 and on 8 June, 2006 Mimirswell was ratified Curator after being selected by Archer to replace Justinian. During this time, Mimirswell primarily continued on as he had as Pro-Curator but with the inclusion of the Consilium Belli, he focused attention on improving the Total War Community. He initiated an idea for an Index for Modding threads that would eventually evolve into the Ideal Forum Structure for Modifications. Fabolous was appointed Pro-Curator during this time.

He was also tasked by the staff, in his role as Curial Liaison (and because he was a leading proponent), to explain the Staff Proposal: New Direction for the Curia which would prove to be one of the more controversial changes to the Curia. Mimirswell left the site before the proposal was fully enacted due to time constraints from work. Mimirswell resigned the rank of Curator temporarily to imb39 on 16 August, 2006 and he would serve as Curator during this period. Mimirswell returned on 15 September, 2006 but did not choose to retain the Curator position; instead, Fabolous was ratified.


Mimirswell as Praetor was given administrative permissions over BBcode, updating it to include [del],[s],[jump],[anchor],[fieldset],[legend], and many others. He also took an interest in reorganizing and updating various Staff Policies, including (requires Moderator's Den access):

Removal of Archer as Imperator (October 12 - November 15)

(For a general overview, see Staff Rebellion)

For some time, Mimirswell had been advocating the removal of Honor&Glory from staff as well as a cessation of political infighting in Hexagon Council primarily between Belisarius and Tacticalwithdrawal. Dismayed by the lack of leadership from Archer, and his increasingly erratic actions, Mimirswell, along with the rest of Senior Staff began a discourse on whether they should resign or seek out intervention by ON. Meanwhile, at the behest of Tacticalwithdrawal and Ogre, Mimirswell fixed a series of hacks and changes implemented by either Mithras or Besim to enable the various ON sites to update from 3.0.x to 3.6.x. The work was done primarily at Zoo Admin and then ported to the various other sites on ON.

While work was being done on the other sites, Mimirswell was demoted and accused of seeking to take over the position of Imperator by Archer. Though it is true that several had suggested it, Mimirswell had declined, citing lack of desire and lack of time. In addition, he had recently declined a possible position as Network Administrator for ON for the same reasons.


After Archer sought reconciliation with staff, Mimirswell (along with others such as Tacticalwithdrawal) set about reforming TWC to operate without an Imperator (as ON had not replaced Archer) as well as without Network Administrators (both of who were MIA). To do so, he created a series of topics, advocating the dissolution of the Triumvirate, creation of a Technical Support team with the inclusion of Simetrical, as well as reforming administrator permissions to prevent major security risks. After a few weeks of the new system, Mimirswell was satisfied that the instability was past and he resigned from Staff on 15 November, 2006.

The Purchase (January 14 - 20)

(For an overview, see The Purchase)

imb39 had been inquiring to Mimirswell about whether or not he would rejoin the Hexagon Council after the incidents involving Besim. Though initially declining, Mimirswell agreed to rejoin staff on 14 January, 2007. On 16 January, 2007 Meiyogen appointed Honor&Glory as sole Administrator, quickly resulting in the firing of most of staff, including Mimirswell. Mimirswell focused his efforts primarily on establishing a new site based on the backups created by staff. During this period, Mimirswell suffered from pneumonia but still endeavored to implement the backup with Simetrical.

Recent Events (January 21 - Present)

After the Purchase by imb39, Mimirswell was reinstated to Site Administrator. His current role is vizier and technical support. Recent accomplishments include the installation of the Medal/Award system as well as various template fixes for the Medieval skin and Rahl's skin. He underwent scrutiny by various members of the Curia, among them Professor420 and the Black Prince suggesting that he resign.

On March 14-20, 2007 - Mimirswell was appointed Tribune (pro tempore). On May 31, 2007, Mimirswell was appointed Tribune.

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