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The Consul is the elected manager of the Curia for a 6 month term with no limit on re-election. This figure is responsible for its day to day operation including the management of Curial voting, the maintenance of Curial information, and interacting with the Staff or Hexagon Council when their powers are needed.


At minimum the Consul manages threads and ensure the functions of the Constitution are running, as well as updating it (and dedicated records) when votes are completed. However, possible actions can go past this so long as they are within the broad limits of the Constitution and the general site rules. Duties may be passed off to two Censors, who operate with equal powers and are appointed by the Consul. Their actions are taken as the Consul's word, and likewise the Consul may replace them if needed.

Additionally a Consul acts as local moderator alongside the Censors. The general Terms of Service apply, but the Consul's discretion is usually respected. Emergencies and serious matters are handed off to Moderation Staff including infractions. In particular the TOS clause on Personal References is much lighter, thus it is frowned upon for the Consul to be 'too strict'.

An irresponsible, abusive or negligent Consul may be struck down with a Vote of No Confidence, where a majority of the Curia can depose them and force a new election. A censor or if necessary an Administrator then handles the process. Otherwise their term expires naturally at the end of four months, at which point they either retain office upon re-election or are replaced with someone new. See the Curial Information and Reports thread for all elected officers and their expiration.

Previously the Consul was known as the Curator. This was changed, but the name 'Curator' is still used on occasion. There was also a site administrator called Consul in the first decade of site history.

A Consul can always be recognized by their bold purple usernames and the badge they wear:

Troy Consul.png


The first Curator/Consul to take office was Kazak borispavlovgrozny, a member of the Original Triumvirate. The position remained extremely powerful for some time, with the then-named Consul becoming an elected administrator position in 2005. The Consul generally appointed a Pro-Consul to oversee most of the standard tasks of the Consul. Eventually this position became defunct with the administrator position moved into the Hexagon Council out of the hands of the Curia, and the Curator position became a strict manager of Curia affairs. The responsibilities and powers of the Curator (eventually and ironically renamed Consul) changed little ever since.

The longest serving Curator (before the name change) was General Brewster, who served 15 months spanning 4 terms and received the Curial Service award for his trouble. Some of his close successors would be long term as well, with Hader and King Athelstan serving three term periods. Hader's election came just after the proposition and passage of major reforms he penned and successfully passed.

Current Consul

The current elected Consul is:

With appointed assistants,

Past Curators & Consuls

Past Pro-Curators

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