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User:Dismounted Feudal Knight

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Dismounted Feudal Knight

Administrator of TWC

Badges/Roles:Wiki Director, Censor & Civitate
Patron:King Athelstan
House:The Imperial House of Hader
Patronized on:03/15/2020
Patron of:Maltacus
Forum Profile:Here

Hello there. I am Dismounted Feudal Knight, a member of TWC's somewhat elusive Hexagon Council. Technically my domain is modding, however you'll find me just about anywhere, assisting both Moderation and Content. Other functions include being Wiki Director, being a relatively common sight in the Curia, and sponsoring various activities or discussions.

An abridged history


I've been aware of the site existing since 2013-2014 or so. I registered in 2015, but did nothing and forgot the account. In 2017 I registered again, sucked in by Jadli from an obscure multiplayer/hotseating community on Steam. I wasn't very good at hotseating and have retired from efforts to play it competitively, but I'm still known by some in the community.

I expanded from hotseating into Tale of the Week in the Writers' Study, reading site history and participating in the Curial Commentary Thread. I did not participate for long in the Writer's Study or with hotseating, but my interest in the Curia and the overall site grew. I also took an interest in editing the wiki.

Eventually I gained citizenship by King Athelstan's patronage in 2020. Between 2018 and 2021 I was in and out of Content and roles in the Curia. Each of these roles were fairly short lived. In 2021 I wavered from my roman theme and tried a different branding. It didn't work well and I went back to the roman theme, when people talk about Commodus they generally refer to me.


In 2022 I took a different approach and settled on a rebrand to what you see now. In February I joined the Moderation Staff (with a focus on TW sections) and Content Staff (Wiki Team, for a third time). This arrangement lasted until December, when new life events turned up and I expected to be gone for a long time. I resigned my roles anticipating a long departure, but was able to return in February 2023.

Shortly after returning I took on the role of Magistrate. It went better than the first round, though it was absent of cases and the actual work I put in was quality of life updates to TWC threads using permissions I retained from before as Moderator. The existence of these permissions was publicly noticed only near the end of the term.

Following the expiration of my term in late June I re-entered the Moderation Staff, where I continue similar work as before cleaning up stickies, whacking spam and taking care of loose ends. Shortly after came a renewed interest in wiki editing. This lasted for several months.

In October following PikeStance becoming Consul, I took an interest in the Living History forum and entered a capacity as Censor to assist in that forum and to be a backup for Curial business if needed. Shortly following that I was given the opportunity to become the Wiki Director, a role that had been vacant since Mak's retirement a few years prior.

Shortly after, the administration decided I was a pretty good cleanup guy and dipped me in red paint, making me the newest Hex to date. My primary area is Modding, a fitting extension of the sort of work I did as a moderator. In December I gained full admincp access and started to make little-used areas disappear and begin a broader scale cleanup.


Right out of the gate I had the... honor... of announcing the end of Gaming Staff, which by the time of announcement just officiated the status quo. In February I had the more pleasant role of announcing the revival of the public TWC Cemetery and launching a recruitment drive.

In March going into April I took up the hatchet again to assist in an intervention of the Curia when its Consul was being too zealous with moderation tools. I don't think anyone from the early years above quite expected me to (primarily) be the one to implement the Curia's mass simplification. This, along with upcoming actions related to the Tribunal is unlikely to have made many friends among those who are attached to the older 'democratic' institutions. On the other hand I presided over the first April 1st event in years and bribed a few of my critics with easter eggs.

Profile Bits

Current Roles

In order of attainment, not in profile display per se

Badge Description
3K Administrator.png (?) Modding Hex as of October 24th, 2023
3K Content Director.png (?) Wiki Director as of October 21st, 2023
3K Citizen.png (?) Anointed March 15th, 2020


Award Type Reason
Wiki Editor gold.png Silver Wiki Editor Award The mark of my wiki history, mostly outside of staff. Achieved Bronze on June 3rd, 2019 and Silver on April 28th, 2020. Achieved Gold on June 3rd, 2023. First of a kind!
Mod Mace Emerald.png Moderator's Mace (Emerald) The once-pretty mace smashed so many bots, random threads and objects I stubbed my toe on that it's turned a sickly green. Or maybe I've lined it with poison? At any rate at least it's not bloodstained and I haven't gobsmacked aliens like those purple mace people...

Previous Roles

Badge Description
3K Censor.png (?) Appointed October 14th, 2023; nullified by the Consul's resignation December 29th, but still kept it going until January 5th when the new consul election completed.
3K Moderator.png (?) Site Moderator with a specialty towards the TW sections as of June 27th, 2023. This position was superseded by entry into Hex on October 24th, 2023.
3K Magistrate.png (?) Elected February 18th, 2023. Ostensibly I reviewed appeals of moderator actions. There were no cases and this was immediately followed by the second Moderator term.
3K Moderator.png (?) First stint from February 5th, 2022 to early December 2022.
3K Content Staff.png (?) Third run in Wiki Team from February 24th, 2022 to early December 2022.
3K Consul.png (?) Elected on May 11th, 2021, a fairly unremarkable one term.
3K Praefectus.png (?) Elected June 6th, 2020 as a local moderator of the Curia; I recall cutting it short for some reason, and it was abolished shortly after.
3K Gaming Staff.png (?) Discord Staff, as of May 10th, 2020 until some time later in 2020 when I dipped for a while. Returned later on, was then superseded by administrator access.
3K Magistrate.png (?) A very short term to evaluate cases that were brought to the Tribunal. Very short...
3K Librarian.png (?) A brief stint in the twilight days of Scriptorium activity, 2018.
3K Content Staff.png (?) Wiki Team twice around the 2018 period, short rounds interspersed with freelance editing.

DFK's project space

A list of stuff I'm working on relating to TWC. This comes with no guarantees on progress: it's whatever is in my head at the moment but if you're curious what I'm plinking at here you go.

There are various thoughts and ideas expressed below which are not necessarily endorsed by Staff or the full Hexagon Council, and this should be taken as just stuff I'm working with individually unless specified otherwise or moved into a mainspace article. Certain things mentioned are done with access conveyed by administrator or director access respectively, and are included for transparency. But you will understand not everything I do is or can be recorded here.

Projects & Rambling from an errant knight

  • TWC Mods Audit - A living project for the assessment and review of TWC mods
  • Archiving of Total War Center - Thoughts and progress on a morbid contingency, should TWC itself not survive in coming years
  • Assorted thoughts - A bit of rambling about site direction, originally posted with a bit of salt and reseasoned after becoming hex

Wiki projects

  • TWPortalPics trying to whip up something to use on tw game articles
  • Simplifying Mod Setup (for Modders) -
  • need to reconcile game pages and portals, the layouts are not consistent and the two setups have become one and the same for later games
  • need an faq blurb/dedicated page for clearing twc cache in case of login shenanigans

Help stuff

I need to reconcile my fragmented help page work with the live help page and come up with a compromise. All members are free to comment/suggest/advise of course.

Other efforts

  • Citizenships: I actually have some progress for this although it is not as 'thorough' yet as I'd like. But, stay tuned.