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Kazak borispavlovgrozny

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borispavlovgrozny (later Kazak borispavlovgrozny) was a longtime Triumvir, the founder of the Curia, and the author of the original Syntagma.) He eventually resigned due to inactivity as part of an agreement that Crandar, whom he detested, would be removed from staff and never permitted back. When boris resigned, he refused the rank of Senatorii, since Crandar had it. (Later, however, Crandar was demoted to Patrician by decision of the Curia and boris promoted to Senatorii. Still later, boris was promoted to Divus.) Not long after his resignation and Crandar's removal, during the May 2005 crisis, Crandar (having been brought back for his expertise in networking to defeat the hacker attacks) used his access to the Hexagon account to modify boris' account. Crandar changed Boris' account's name from Kazak borispavlovgrozny back to borispavlovgrozny on the grounds that it was too long, and removed his overly large signature and avatar (which clearly broke the rules and had since the signature/avatar rules were instituted, when Boris was still an admin). It is assumed that this was an act of revenge. Regardless, boris became infuriated and posted a scathing attack against Spartan and the then-present administration, including a picture of an upside-down naked man nailed to a tree. When that was taken down, he put it back up and was suspended. Boris returned once many months later and stayed for a while, but left again in outraged protest when his avatar of Mohammad with a bomb turban was removed for being offensive, and has not returned since.

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