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Justy ava.png
Ranks: Citizen, Civitate, Magistrate
House: House of Caesars - Leader
Patron of: Felixion, Ulyaoth, Reidy, Ran Taro and Darth Red

A Brief History of Justinian, Or: Random Fluctuations in Influence

Justinian dates back to ancient times when men lit fires with pure libido and the wheel was considered an idea that just wasn't going to pan out. No, really. Well, maybe not. Definitely not. But Justinian is one of TWC's oldest active members, having joined the site in the primeval times of September 21, 2004, when Rome: Total War was just about to be released, the site was still ruled by ON, and the First Great Newb Invasion was just beginning. He lavished in tranquil obscurity for a few months, being widely considered to be a mildly entertaining fellow who couldn't keep his mouth shut and posted in every topic, even if he had absolutely nothing to contribute to the conversation. This, among other things, led to his first Civitateship attempt under the Black Prince to be rejected.

Then, on June 25, 2005, a day that would live in infamy (just roll with me on this one), he passed the Civitate vote and entered the Curia with orgasmic joy and awe, under the patronage of the Black Prince. After the initial shellshock, Justinian found he fit rather well into this fraternity, being fond of late nights, and hard parties. Then, for some reason, Fabolous nominated him for the position of Quaestor, the equivalent then of Moderator. People actually voted for him and he became a Moderator on September 13, 2005, in the first ever moderator election on TWC. After a little more than a month, he was elected (becoming, along with Soren, the first elected member of Hex) to the position of Praetor, now Senior Moderator, on November 28, 2005. He held this position until March 1, 2006, when he was elected to the position of Republican Consul and Curator, becoming the first democratically elected administrator of TWC. At the time, there was a Triumvirate of administrators --- the Imperator, representing ON, the Republican Consul, representing the Curia and the CC, and the Imperial Consul, representing the TW and modding communities.

Justinian was one of the two steady-state administrators at that time, holding his post along with Horsearcher and a fluctuating group of other admins that included Seleukos, Soren, Belisarius and others. Aiding Archer through tough times, including the staff rebellion scandal and other things, Justinian remained an administrator until the face of the staff had changed completely and he had utterly burnt out like a particularly handsome, charming and Jewish lamp. He resigned on March 1, 2007, exactly one year after becoming an administrator. He chose this date because he is fond of round numbers, as he hates mathematics and odd numbers are a nightmare to handle.

After more or less hanging out for a while, the light gradually returning to the tired lamp, Justinian finally took the plunge and rejoined staff sometime recently, as he can't remember the exact date and is much too lazy to go find it when a simple search of the staff forum yields the fact that he rejoined on September 20, 2007. Apparently he likes September and modding. Perhaps it is the lack of sunlight blinding him, or the cold air making his giblets feel unpleasant. Who knows? After a little while, he returned to the ranks of the Civitates.

In October 2008, Justinian decided to run for Curator, and some poor fools voted for him and he won. He served one term as Curator, from December 1st to March 1st, returning to the ranks of the moderation staff in February 2009.

The Man Behind the Avatar: Who Justinian Really Is

Justinian resides in New Jersey, which is otherwise known as 'The Armpit of America', 'I Feel So Sorry For You' or the state motto, 'See For Yourself', which could refer to pollution so thick you could cut it with a chainsaw and serve it as a particularly foul delicacy. Despite his unfortunate residence he is at heart a New Yorker, and is a fan of New York area sports teams, including the New York Yankees, New York Giants, and Rutgers Scarlet Knights. His hobbies include wasting time writing egotistical Wiki articles about himself, frequent masturbation, and watching TV.

Don't be fooled by this animal's hard, crusty exterior. On the inside is a gentle soul who just wants to be loved. Yeah, sure. Justinian actually doesn't care too much about most things, and usually engages in deep philosophical discussions on all topics when he is drunk, tired, or drunk and tired. He can be very entertaining in this state, but also supremely annoying, as his best friend tells him that his habit of saying random things at inappropriate times is what makes him an intolerable drunk.

Justinian loves music, particularly metalcore and hardcore music. His favorite bands include We Came As Romans, A Day To Remember, I Set My Friends On Fire, Pierce the Veil, Our Last Night, Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack!, The Receiving End of Sirens, Tool and many more.

Plans for the Future

When first he thought of his future, Justinian wanted to be a fighter pilot. Realizing this might result in his fiery death instead of other people's, he then fluctuated from one idea to the next before deciding he wanted to be a Marine pilot. Too bad he sucks at mathematics and has bad vision in his right eye. Now, he wants to become an author and a journalist, preferably a sportswriter.

On TWC, Justinian aspires to be all he can be and eventually be the author of a lengthy piece on the history of TWC from his point of view, which will be undoubtedly read by 4 people (Justinian and three poor folks he drafts to read it to inflate his ego).

What TWC Has Meant to Justinian, Or: What TWC Has Meant to Justinian - Oh Balls, That's The Same Thing

TWC has profoundly effected Justinian. He entered as a young teenager with very little exposure to the outside world, blissfully unaware of any opinions contrary to his own and living in a bubble. Now, while still a teenager, Justinian is older. Justinian has adapted to his new climate. Justinian likes to think Justinian has even become comparatively enlightened compared to his former self. In the face of the onslaught of Reason, Justinian's parent-induced Republicanism, Christianity and blissful tranquility have been upset, shaken down, and replaced with a much more liberal position, atheism, and jaded enlightenment. TWC has made Justinian a better person.

Justinian owes TWC a debt of gratitude which he struggles to fill every day, and for the most part fails. But hey, TWC doesn't really mind, does it?

Current Ranks Held

Content writer radadir.png

Consilium de Civitate Empire.png

Civitate radadir.png

Magistrate Empire.png


Quillbiggold.png Gold Scribe's Quill

Macebiggold.png Gold Moderator's Mace

Loincloth large rahl.png Asterix's Loincloth

Novus large.png Novus

Curator large.png Curatorial Service Award

Cdec silver large.png Silver CdeC Award

Scriptorium gold large.png Gold Scriptorium Award

Scriptorium bronze large.png Scriptorium Bronze Award

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