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House of Caesars

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The House of Caesars is a body of Citizens and Staff members founded by Manji who later relegated his position to Justinian and Lucius Vorenus (now Belisarius). The House of Caesars is unique on TWC in the way in which it is structured. While other houses place their founding member at the top, the House of Caesars is structured based on rank within the forum.

Membership and current family tree

To be a member of the House of Caesars a member of TWC must be patronized, or later adopted, by an existing member of the house. There are currently twelve generations of Caesars incorporating 106 citizen members.

Family Tree:

Membership of the House of Caesars as it was in late 2006

Honoured guiding Gods:

The Caesars:

Praefecti Praetorio:

Praetorian Guard:

Membership of the House of Caesars as it was in August 2012

Honoured Guiding Gods:


Praefecti Praetorio:

Praetorian Guard:

History of the House

The Text below is an extract from Belisarius's statement to the Curia that a new house had been formed:

Let it be known that from this point on the House of Vorenus is disbanded and a new house has been formed. All power in name and title has been divided by Lucius Vorenus in equal shares with Lucius Vorenus, The Bavarian Noble, Seleukos and Justinian having joint leadership of the house. These four individuals are to be regarded as equals and none can make decisions regarding the house without consultation with the other leaders.
The Following declarations are put into force with immediate effect:
  • Any member of the House who achieves the status of Consul and thus serves the community as Consul is to automatically be given the title of Caesar and be an equal house leader.
  • Any member of the house who Achieves the rank of Opifex, Urbanis Legio, Quaestor or Praetor is to automatically be given the rank of Praetorian Prefect
  • All other members of the house are given Praetorian Guard status.
  • Being an adopted Client of TranceCrusader therussian is to be given the rank of Praetorian Prefect.
  • Lucius Vorenus, on dividing up his house leadership is to be given the title Caesar
The House of Caesars is a revolutionary house based on service to the community; all members are respected and protected under the house. All that is expected of them is that they act in accordance to the Constitution and Terms of Service.
The House of Caesars is not a political power aimed at furthering the careers or ambitions of its members, it is a house designed to rally and bond its members under common values of friendship, community spirit and a desire for the betterment of TWC.
All bonds of Patronage are to remain in As they are now.

The image below represents the status of the House of Caesars as it stood in late 2006 - by today it has no doubt grown beyond the names listed below.


(Image from Manji and Spiff, 2006)

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