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Narf avy.png

Citizen of TWC

Badges/Staff Roles:Citizen ; Content Staff ; Local Moderator
Patron:Okmin ; ForteS
Patron of:Inkie Pie


Narf joined TWC in the summer of 2010, mostly to post in the Third Age: Total War subforums and engage in discussions about the mod. Narf also made a few signatures of in order to promote TATW and their favourite faction within it, Eriador.

After exploring the wider fora, they became more interested in and attached to the community of the site, and looked for ways that they could contribute to it - namely by joining the Content Staff in January 2011. To this effect, Narf has since written several articles for The Helios publication, compiling them into a single piece of work on Mythology (currently Narf is focusing on Northern Mythology, but may yet expand into other mythological domains(Recently worked on Roman.)). They currently hold the Silver Scribe's Quill for their service.

Narf is also an accomplished artist who devotes a good deal of time to their workshop, "The Kitchen". One of their most recognisable contributions in this field is the "heart" style avatar they brought to TWC for the benefit of its users. They won the 2011 award for "Best Graphic Artist."

Additionally, throughout the first half of 2012 Narf taught a TWC University Course about the creation of GIF images.

Narf was patronized - in slightly unorthodox fashion - by two patrons in July 2011. Their application was successful, and just over a year later Narf started patronizing, with three clients of which unfortunately only one was successful. Inkie Pie.

About Narf

Narf is a dedicated role-player and has been a prominent member of several RPG's, most notably of God Save The King.

Is known for their kindly demeanour and generally seeks out the friendlier areas of the site.

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