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Caius Britannicus

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Caius Britannicus is a Total War modder who's claim to fame came from working on the RTR Team on RTR 6.0 . He works mainly on skinning and modeling and is currently the head modeller/skinner for RTR 7.0 .

Mods worked on

RTR 6.0. Up to Gold edition

RTR 7.0 and TIC

The Crusades

Caius's involvement with The Crusades

Caius Britannicus was the mod leader of the total conversion for Rome total war barbarian Invasion The Crusades. This mod enjoyed relative success particularly at the RTR official forums although got banned from The TWC due to including (copyrighted) film music. It included two detailed factions with all new skins as well as all new skins for the rebels. The first release allowed the Crusaders to recruit troops from ports although Caius said his intention was to have armies spawn via scripts. Since the first release this has not be implemented and the project has been abandoned. The first release was also plagued by a game breaking bug which was never really fixed. The Crusades was released just before M2TW.

The Crusades is most notable for it's difficulty and battles. The two campaigns... one for the Crusaders and one for the Saracans were set up so you played one while the other was at it's peak... making things hard without using excessive add money scripts or having imbalanced battles. The battles were fast paced and highly balanced... The Crusades enjoyed relatively MP popularity at the RTR forums for a while. The loss of interest in general for this mod is mainly due to the RTR Forums going down a lot causing the community to go away from the forums where most of The Crusades discussion and MP battle arrrangement took place.

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