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Rome ac

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Rome ac
Moderator of Total War Center
In Office: November 14 2006-April 06 2007, May 10 2007-June 19 2007
Sponsor: Fabolous
Patron of: Sir Mathias, ForgottenImmortal

Rome ac was a moderator of the Total War Center forums.

Rome ac Historia

Rome ac is one of the oldest member on Total War Center joining the site in late summer 2004 but is known for not beign ambitious and somewhat not noticeable. He became civitate on the 25,of February 2006 under the patronage of Fabolous but a few weeks before he had already been ask by Omnipotent-Q but for some strange reason was not brought to the vote by Omnipotent. His first Moderating position was giving to him by is grandfather Lucius Veronus at the time of the October Plot but was only able to hold the position for 2 days resign after the situation had cooled off. He returned to staff in November where he was elected Tribounos with Vikrent, Aristrocrat and Halie Satanus. He played a semi-active role in the Honor & Glory story where he demanded to be strip of his staff position and continually attacked the new staff. He has since return to the postion of Tribounos.


Rome is under the patronage of Fabolous, witch makes him part of the House of Caesars. He has two sons, ForgottenImmortal and Sir Mathias.

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