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Patron of:julianus heraclius, TheFirstONeill

Elrond has been known to switch between his current name and 'Narses'.

He has created a small mod for Rio's IBFD, called the Justinian Campaign.

He was Patronized by imb39 in November 2006 and has since gained a reputation of being a aggressive poster in the curia - something which he insists isn't the case outside of the curia and Q&S.

Most recently, Elrond became Curator by default following Professor420's ex post facto disqualification of his own candidacy. However, in early November a Vote of No Confidence was brought up against him, which may be viewed here. While it acquired a majority of "yes" votes, it fell short of the requisite super-majority.

On December 4th, 2007, Elrond announced his resignation from the position of Curator and was replaced by Scorch on December 19th 2007 (19 days before his term was originally due to expire).

Elrond has also interviewed people for the ES and the Helios (19th) and served as a Librarian for 3 months from August to November 2007.

On 7th January 2008 Elrond began a term on the CdeC which lasted until March March 23rd. He began his second stint as a Librarian on 8th January and has interviewed people for Helios 22, 23 and 24.

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