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Moderator of Thema Devia Vestigia Vetustatis

Badges/Roles:Moderator, Patrician
Patron:King Henry V
Patron of:none

Biography of Scottishranger

Scottishranger is currently a Global moderator of the Total War Center forums. He joined the site on December 09, 2005. After receiving various advices from Halie Satanus on writing a historical articles, Scottishranger wrote "A Brief History of the Medieval Cannon", followed up shortly after by "Greek Fire, What is it?." These articles were well received by the community and the prominent historian and Helios writer/editor King Henry V. approached him about patronization. He was ratified a civitate on June 6, 2006. He was elected by the Curia to serve as a Tribounos on October 8, 2006. During the Staff Rebellion, Scottishranger remained Neutral, as he really was confused at the time and being a new member to Staff did not want to lose his new office. He also has no idea how to use wiki templates :/

Articles of Scottishranger

He has written various articles on history and famous figures throughout it. You can find them in the Scriptorium.

"A Brief History of the Medieval Cannon"
"A Sequel to Early Medieval Cannons:Cannons and Cannon Tactics in the Navy"
"Greek Fire, what is it?"
"The Last Imperator"
"Alexander The Great; a history"
"Life Liberty and Fraternity; the Story of the French Revolution"

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