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General Brewster

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General Brewster
Ranks: Artifex | Gaming Staff |
Patron : Hader
House : The Imperial House of Hader
Patron of : PunitorMaximus, Spartan_warrior, IWUBPUGS, Steph, Gandalfus, General Dragon., Belthasar Bolton, King Athelstan, Leonardo, Chesser2538
Signature : sig.png

About General Brewster

General Brewster from the Netherlands registered on July 6th, 2011, due to interest in BREW. He became a citizen on August 9th 2012. Having initially followed the site to check up some modifications for Rome Total War, he quickly moved on to follow the The Great War Mod for Napoleon Total War. Which eventually made him join the forum. Not too long after, Gen. Brewster, as he often calls himself, joined the modding team as a researcher. It didn't take long before he moved on and started to learn how to mod the Warscape engine himself and how to develop mods of his own.

The first project would become the now terminated project of adding the middle eastern campaign to TGW for NTW. Eventually Brewster entered the development team for WW2:Sandstorm. Whilst learning essential skills there Brewster found that he was severely lacking in knowledge on how to edit the DB(database) files. On a late European night near the end of summer Brewster PM'ed Bethencourt. Someone known for his excellent DB work with the question of he could teach him. Faith had it that Benthencourt was preparing to go on a holiday that same night. However, the always friendly Bethencourt made some time for the General and he spend the hours he had teaching Brewster on how to correctly edit the DB files. After Bethencourt's return from his vacation Brewster would spend many evening behind his PC, staying up until the early mornings chatting with Bethencourt on what to do and how to improve.

After some time had passed Brewster finally was certain that he could tackle creating a major conversion mod. As such V1650 was born. Brewster's largest and to date most downloaded mod. Set in 1650 the mod start just before the first Anglo-Dutch War(1652). It's aim is to assert Dutch dominance around the world. With General Brewster being a proud Dutchman it was obvious that this mod would be his piece the resistance! Initially the mod relied on models and textures of a third source. However, having asked Bethencourt to now teach him how to texture, Brewster re-textured various units. Eventually releasing them separately in a unit pack.

Several other projects for ETW were his Ottoman Navy Pack, making steam ships playable for the Ottomans and his tutorial on how to change a unit's second weapon. For NTW he released Brewster's CAI! Aimed to increase the difficulty of the Campaign AI decision making. He also released a Naval Expansion Pack for the Dutch Navy in NTW. For Shogun2: Fall of the Samurai: Brewster released General Brewster's Modding Division. A collection of smaller mods.

Curial Offices

After becoming a citizen (on August 9th 2012) it soon became clear that Gen. Brewster had the desire to run for Curial Office. After some initial setbacks he gained entry into the Cdec, followed by an appointment to the CCT, election to the post of Censor, Magistrate and to top it all off Brewster was elected to the Curial Chair as Curator where he would serve one of the longest stints in Curial History. The General also served as Curator Assistant to Frunk and Aikanár.

Consilium de Civitate

Brewster first entered the Cdec as a replacement for a resigning councilor. Having been a runner up in a Cdec election just before the resignation made him the candidate to become a Cdec member. Brewster's first "elected" appointment for Curial office came in 2012 on December 29th. The election was invalidated because their were only three applicants, Brewster being one of them was thus automatically assured a seat in the council. This would spur a further four terms as Cdec member eventually earning Brewster the silver Cdec medal. Brewster played a part in many citizen applications, always looking for the good in people and being particularly forgiving to people who had better their behavior to try and become citizen.

General Brewster remained a member of the cdec until March 10th 2014, the day the CdeC was abolished by a Curial vote. Brewster was a opposing factor to this reform, having never been one of the elitist councilors himself he felt the criticism wasn't warranted and was more something of the past. Regardless, Brewster now without Curial Office started a retreat from TWC that would last for about two years.

Elections in order of date: One, two, three, four, five.


Not too long after joining the Cdec Gen. Brewster was made a member of the Curial Community Team on January 20th 2013. He remained a member of the CCT until it's abolishment. Sadly Brewster remembers little of his time in the CCT and thus it could not be recorded for his wiki page.


After the Cdec was abolished Brewster took a hiatus from TWC. Personal reasons made it that Brewster was rarely seen on TWC anymore. Eventually when some time freed up, Brew returned to TWC and as he did, returned to the Curia also. Now without a CdeC to serve in Brewster applied to become a Censor. Brewster was elected on November 25th 2016, marking his return in Curial Office for the first time since the abolishment of the CdeC on March 10th 2014. As Brewster did during his CdeC tenure, he was often seen as lenient. Always searching the good in people and believing in second chances. After three months Brewster decided not to go for re-election and to try to become the Curator, an election he eventually lost to Frunk. He would go on to become Frunk's Curator Assistant.


One of the offices General Brewster had always been willing to serve in, but never got elected to was the office of Magistrate. After his to date, final stint as Censor and having lost a election to become Curator. Brewster decided to give the office of Magistrate another go. Brewster got elected to the office of magistrate on April 23rd 2017. Sadly, Brewster only served a month in this capacity before he was elected as Curator. Brewster resigned not having had the possibility to work on a case. This remains one of his ambitions to date.


The 19th of June 2017 would mark the beginning of the longest stint for a Curator in TWC's long history. General Brewster was finally, after years of trying, elected as Curator. The first term came with some relative rough patches for Brewster. Having only served as Curator Assistant for one term, where Frunk was an incredible diligent Curator and Lifthrasir was his incredibly experience Curator Assistant meant that Brewster had little to no experience. He was a member of the Curia for years by this point but never in this role. Leaning heavily on the his appointed assistants (Frunk & Lifthrasir) Brewster started to become better at his job and eventually found his way.

According to the Annals of Curial Office Elections General Brewster is the longest serving Curator to date. With four completed terms as Curator totaling 15 months. (During Brewster's second term the duration of Curial term's in office was changed from three to four months and he remained Curator for an additional month when there was no candidate after he decided not to run for another term.) For having served as Curator for 15 months he was awarded the Curial Service Award on September 30th 2018.

During his 15 months as Curator Brewster presided over an unprecedented amount of referrals. It became his standard to call for a more respectful manners in the Curia in his Curator Reports. Sadly this was a reoccurring thing and something Brewster even noted in his goodbye message as Curator.

Second Term

Having had a smooth first term, Brewster decided to re-run for office. He was re-elected without opposition on September 20th 2017. This term would prove more difficult. The summer season was over and amendments, decisions and citizen applications started to become a more frequent appearance again.

Current/Former Ranks

Rank Description
Artifex radadir.png An Artifex is someone who earned their rank through modding a TW game.
Consilium de Civitate Empire.png Used to oversee the promotion of new citizens, and carry out disciplinary procedures.
Censor.png A Censor is one of two elected Curial officers who, alongside the Curator, discuss and deal with displinary matters regarding Citizens.
Magistrate radadir.png Magistrate's are the two members of the Tribunal elected by the Citizenry.
Curator radadir.png Curator - responsible for the day to day administration of the Curia, including but not limited, maintaining and updating the text of The Constitution as amendments and additions are made along with any other tasks outlined in this document. Only Citizens may hold this Office. The Curator also has a seat on the Citizen's Triumvirate and performs similar duties within it, but does not have a vote except as a tiebreaker.
Gaming staff.png Gaming Staff are a branch of staff responsible for operating the several official TWC Gaming aspects of the website. They are made up of regular members and citizens of TWC, and are highly dedicated to their position.


Award Type Reason
Cdec silver large.png Consilium de Civitate Service Medal Silver. Received on January 22, 2014.
Scriptorium silver large.png Scriptorium Writing Competition Medallions Silver Medallion. Received on April 11, 2013.
Site 2017 large.png Site Awards Awarded for winning Best Curialist in the 2017 Site Awards. Received on February 09, 2018.
Curator large.png Curia Service Award Awarded for serving the Curia with distinction for a period exceeding six months, as voted upon by the Curia. Received on October 03, 2018.
GamingCP silver.png Gaming Staff Chess Piece Awarded for for your outstanding contribution to the RPG forums, keep it up with the great work!. Received on November 10, 2018.
2018 Site Award.png Site Awards Awarded for winning the Best Curialist in the 2018 Site Awards. Received on February 15th, 2019.
2019 Others.png Site Awards Awarded for winning the Best Avatar in the 2019 Site Awards. Received on February 6th, 2020.
CMS Blog Bronze.png The CMS Blogger Award Awarded for having posted at the least 5 blogs via the CMS. Received on November 20th, 2019.
TTGC medal gold.png TTGC Gold Medal He came, he saw, he guessed! (again!!) Congrats in being the very first one to earn the TGC gold medal!! Received October 4th, 2019.
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