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Ranks: Citizen | Technical Staff | Administrator
Patron: Crandar
Patron of: Alexander beats Hannibal, DARTH VADER, mongoosel, dulce_et_decorum_est Eric von Manstein Fabolous kshcshbash Player1 Senno SilverGuard

Simetrical is currently a Hexagon Council member, in the role of tech staff. Simerical is the famous tech guru of TWC. He is known as a robot because of his efficiency with technical aspects of TWC.

Simetrical has been an active administrator continuously since October 2006, for over three years (except four days when all staff was demoted), making him the longest-serving administrator in TWC history. He has never taken a break from the site in that time for more than a few days. Prior to his adminship, he was a moderator for about eleven months. Technical Staff has been led by Simetrical since its creation, and he was its sole active member for long stretches of time.


Simetrical is widely believed to be a bot in fact another incarnation of the Simetribot - due to his unnerving and inhuman efficiency.

So widespread is this belief that a smilie ":sim:" robot.gif has been dedicated to him.


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