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Ranks: Junior Moderator | Civitate
Patron: Jesus the Inane
Patron of: Lawrence of Arabia | QuarkNC

Farnan is a Junior Moderator on TWC.


He was once a lurker on TWC, first coming for the mods when he noticed the political and historical discussion. At the tender age of 17 he found a place where this stuff was actually discussed, unlike his hometown. He decided after a while to take the punge and join up. His first post was to open a thread asking about info for the Barbary Pirate Wars. This thread went unreplied for two years, he then decided to link it as the most unpopular thread, and someone answered.

That short time as a normal civitate was ended when he took notice of large gaps of time where there were no mudpit moderators. Seeing this, he brought up a thread, and since he complained, he decided to do something about it and rejoined the staff. This time, his moderatorship lasted much longer. Under the leadership of Horsearcher, he moderated the mudpit and brought it back under control. During this time, his political positions softened, and he became much more moderative. It was during this time in staff he became part of the April 1st Conspiracy which would play the greatest joke on the forum. During the April Fool's '06 event he played the part well, as a member showing a divide in staff by flaming Honor&Glory mercilessly, an act that was so convince Garbarsardar offered him up for Ostrakon. Other issues were also hitting his personal life that would drive him into a depression that sent him to join the Pennsylvania National Guard in order to get away from his home town. After he signed the papers to join, he decided to inform staff and offered my resignation.

Upon resigning, Horsearcher promised him a place on staff when he returned. He then offered his resignation for the second time. One of his replacements was imb39, who would ask him for advice during his early days. He left for Fort Benning from June 20, 2006 till October 20, 2006. During this time he was completely inactive on these forums.

Thus begins his reign on TWC. When he first entered the mudpit, it was in the middle of the great war between the Conservatives then led by Rush Limbaugh and the Liberals then led by Pra. In this conflict were the greats: Squekus Maximus, Oldgamer, Nationalist Cause, pre-Insane AP, Justinian and many others. He decided to join in, and at that time being one of the vastly outnumbered Conservatives, and being young he was fairly right wing. Since he was new it took time for him to gain street rep and make a place for himself, but it happened.

Noticing the nature of these debates grow to insanity, he proposed a Formal Debate forum, similiar to Garbarsardar's Fight Club. However, due to strict rules of this forum, it died shortly after it began.

However, due to his activity in the Pit and creation of these debates he caught the attention of Patricians, namely Jesus the Inane and Justinian. Jesus was the first person to offer him citizenship so he accepted it from him, and then going through a process that included Simetrical yelling at him because he thought that Jesus wasn't a Patrician, he thus was made a Civitate. It was about the same time as the great RZZZA. After becoming a Civitate, disgusted with the nature of spamming and flaming in the Pit, he volunteered to become a moderator for the first time. This lasted a few weeks, then he resigned for the first time. This would become a pattern, however as a moderator he developed a competence that would make the staff willing to accept it with a smile.

Significant Events

  • On August 23, 2005, Farnan officially joined TWC.
  • On March 25, 2008, Farnan rejoins twc staff.

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