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Badges/Staff Roles:Artifex, Patrician, Opifex, Moderator
Patron:King Henry V, imb39
Patron of:SicilianVespers, Estlander, Garnier, Konstantin Alexander and Adar

Atterdag is the second member of the patrician and ex-editor of the Helios King Henry V's entourage alongside the ex-curator and global moderator scottishranger. Who is awesome because he likes the Killers. Like Atterdag does. He is currently the Chief Librarian of the Scriptorium (a position that required him to build a shrine to Gigagaia in his bedroom) and Global Moderator. The Opifex SicilianVespers, the Civitate Estlander, the Artifex Garnier and the vanished civitate Konstantin Alexander are all connected to house wilpuri through him. He tries his best to mod, mostly RTW, and is a member of Chivalry TW and, not so much, Ran No Jidai TW.

Short random stuff

Before joining TWC in late December 2005 Atterdag had been lurking for some time - mostly watching the Ran No Jidai mod forum, a team he would later join as a modder.

Relatively early he started posting articles in the Vestigia Vetustatis. These posts caught the attention of the Helios editor King Henry V and in early September 2006 he offered Atterdag civitateship. Unfortunately KHV decided to leave TWC shortly after (do'h) - leaving the patronizing process in the hands of imb39 who would act as Atterdag's patron until spring 2007. Although he passed the Civitate vote 6 - 0 the badge was not awarded on time due to the dire events of the Staff Rebellion.

During these turbulent times Atterdag devoted himself completely, in a very newbie manner, to the defence of Staff and opposistion towards Archer's new moderating team. A case he would continue six months later at the arrival of Besim. After some time he was awarded the Opifex award together with the rest of the Chivalry TW team for the work on the Chivalry mod for RTW.

When Søren reigned as Chief of Moderating Atterdag was ratified by the curia as moderator of the TW section and Vestigia Vetustatis - a rank he holds till this day alongside the ranks as Scriptor Scriptori, Patrician, Artifex and Opifex. Currently he also moderates the Empire section and the Mudpit forum, with varying degrees of succes.

Besides spending his time on TWC with banning random people Atterdag also has a great passion for European comics by masters such as Hergé, Hugo Pratt, Tardi, René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. As a result he has used persons from Hugo Pratt's comic Corto Maltese in his avatars and sigs for some time now. Though this has fallen before the might of a Spanish civil war theme.

His musical taste is varied, according to himself, and includes bands such as The Smiths, Bloc Party, the Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie, Joy Division, Simon & Garfunkel and many, many more.

Political orientation

Atterdag is a self-proclaimed liberal socialist with agnostic beliefs when it comes to religion. Philosophers that intrigue him are.. well the philosopher that intrigues him is none other than Søren Kierkegaard. Despite rumours that too rigid reading of this emo excellence could lead to permanent insanity.


To kill his spare time, Atterdag has previously posted a series of articles focusing on Danish history - most is located in the Scriptorium. They are collectively known as the Gesta Danorum - Deeds of the Danes

"1807 - The "Battle of Copenhagen"

"Holy War in the Baltic"

"The Danish Reappear!"

"The Great Northern Showdown"

"Danish Collaboration and Resistance During the Second World War"

"The Stockholm Bloodbath"

"The Siege of Copenhagen"


Beside his short "historical" articles Atterdag, has written some After Action Reports. If anyone is interested in reading some cheap and poorly spelled fiction these are the titles to look for:

"The Brothers of Normandy" For the Chivalry: TW mod

"Sicilia Divided" For the Europa Barbarum mod

"Capo Hatta Cosa Fatta" For the Chivalry: TW mod

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