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Capt. Fozdike

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Capt. Fozdike
Fozzy's Avatar.jpg


Badges/Roles:Moderator, Citizen, Content Staff
Patron:Major Darling
Patron of:none


Capt. Fozdike joined in September of 2009 and firstly took interest in the RPGs section of the site. He became a dedicated member of several forum RPGs. Specifically God Save the King! and Vive L'Empire!. After several months he then joined Content Staff as a member of the Eagle Standard under Augustus Lucifer. Soon after he was made Section Chief of the Empire/Napoleon News and there has been his home in Content since.

After several months of contributing to several Content Publications such as the Podcasts, Silver Shield and Eagle Standard, Capt. Fozdike applied for Citizenship but failed his first application. But he went straight back to writing articles and applied again 3 months later and was accepted. After becoming a Citizen on the site he has regularly voted in elections and submitted his opinion in many ways.

After several months of being a Citizen he was accepted into Moderation of the Games, Activities and Chat area of the site and has been mercilessly digging through threads deleting spam and off-topic posts ever since.

He is also known as a very patriotic Australian and a member of the Australian Defense Force.

Total War games owned

Box Art Type
Romebox.jpg Rome: Total War
RTWBIBA.JPG Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion
256px-Medieval Total War.jpg Medieval: Total War
MTWVIBA.jpg Medieval: Total War Viking Invasion
M2TWBA.jpg Medieval 2: Total War
M2TWKBA.jpg Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms
Empire Total War cover art.jpg Empire: Total War
NTWBA.jpg Napoleon: Total War

Ranks And Awards

Current Ranks held

Rank Description
Citizen radadir.png Citizen is special rank is given as a reward by the CdeC to those members who make a significant contribution to the Forum. Rank achieved on 29 June, 2010.
Moderator.png Moderators form the body which performs the vast majority of day-to-day front-line site moderation. Joined Moderation Staff on Oct 06, 2010
Content writer radadir2.png Is a content Writer for Eagle Standard and previously had served for wiki team also.
Consilium de Civitate Empire.png Is a CdeC Councillor, there primary duty is to review citizen applications and take punitive actions against them if they break site rules. Serving his first term from Feb 15, 2011.

Awards Achieved

Award Type Reason
University bachelor large.png TWC University Degree's Awarded for successfully completing the Photoshop Basics course at the TWC University. Received on April 11, 2010.
Quillbiggold.png Scribe's Quill Awarded for time served as Content Staff for a period of one year to one year and five months. Received on Feb 17, 2011.
Macebigbronze.png Moderator's Mace Awarded for time served as a Moderator for a period of three to five months. Received on January 22, 2011

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