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Consilium de Civitate

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The Consilium de Civitate was a body of 12 Citizens and the Council elected by the Curia to oversee the promotion of new citizens, and to carry out disciplinary procedures against citizens that accrued warnings. A term lasted 3 months, following which a new election would be held, with exception to staff veto. The Consilium de Civitate was abolished by Curial vote in March 2014, its responsibilities over citizen promotion being handed to the citizenry, and those over disciplinary procedures to the Citizen's Triumvirate.


The Consilium de Civitate was to a large extent founded on the proposals of Wild Bill Kelso and Asterix within the Curia. The task of voting on candidate Citizens was originally left to the Senior Staff, but many in early 2006 began to think that a task with such heavy bearing on the Curia should be left to an elected group of Patricians rather than Staff.

From its inception, the body underwent many changes. In particular the number of elected positions, who was eligible to hold a position, and disciplinary proceedings against Citizens acting against forum rules were amended many times.

On March 14th 2014 the Abolish CdeC Amendment was passed which effectively removed the CdeC from the Curia. All the changes of the Amendment can be read here.

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