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Curial Officer

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Curial Officers are those appointed by the Curia, their work is not necessarily conducted within the Curia.

Permanent Curial Officers

This term means the office is permanent not the 'officer', all officers currently only serve a term of three months. At the end of their three month term they may re-apply for the same position if they wish, but other members also have the opportunity to apply. All applicants are then voted on by the curia.

Current elected positions;:

Appointed positions are:

  • Head Historian
  • Curator's Assistants (appointed by the Curator)

See Curial Information and Announcements for the current holders.

Non Permanent Officers

Non permanent officers may be created to oversee specific short term Curia Projects not covered by Curia Committees. They may be created by a Curia Decision and the position cease to exist upon the completion of the project.

No non permanent officers are appointed currently.

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