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Patrician of TWC

Badges/Staff Roles:Patrician, Artifex
Patron:Halie Satanus
Patron of:Giorgos, Vindahl & Socal Infidel


A mysterious rake he is!


deRougemont is the leader of the Character Names Project for M2:TW. The original project was begun in December of 2006 by Horsearcher. Initially it was thought that the project could be completed quickly (in a few weeks' time). However, those involved soon realized it would take a lot of work and a lot of time to finish, and interest diminished. Determined to finish the project, work continued with the remaining contributors and by February was able to get a forum to better organize the mass confusion of work that had already been done. By March 2007, the first version of the CNP mod add-on was completed with 13 completely new faction names. The mod continues to be improved, and downloads are provided for the vanilla and modded versions of M2:TW.

Author and/or proponent of several suggestion, proposal and bill threads:


Member of the House of Wilpuri, Halie Satanus Branch. Proud patron to Giorgos, Vindahl and Socal Infidel.

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