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Artifex of TWC

Badges/Roles:Artifex, Patrician
Patron of:Ramtha, Alletun, finneys13, SirPaladin, GrnEyedDvl


Selenius4tsd joined TWC in late September of 2006, a few months before the release of Medieval 2. He began getting involved with modding in December, starting with the EHL Separation Mod which seperated the Grand Campaign into 3 campaigns, similar to Medieval 1. He was offered patronisation by vikrant in late December/early January, but due to the events going on in TWC at the time the process was delayed and he was only fully patronised later in January, becoming a member of the Royal House of the Black Prince. He is the patron of Ramtha, Alletun, finneys13, SirPaladin and GrnEyedDvl. He applied for Moderator in early April and was appointed several days later. He retained the position until resigning in late August. He was also part of the Consilium de Civitates for 2 months but resigned before the end of the term due to clashes in real life.

His interviews made several Eagle Standard editions, including interviews with Age of Darkness, Hex Khan, Narnia Total War, Road to Jerusalem and Character Names Project. He was also the temporary editor of the Eagle Standard for three issues.

Ranks/Positions held

  • Eagle Standard Reporter/Interviewer (January - September)





  • Consilium de Civitates (29 July - 2? September 2007)


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