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Badges/Staff Roles:Artifex
Patron of:None


finneys13 first came to TWC in late 2006, in search of any information about CA's new game, M2TW, after being a great fan of their earlier game, MTW, especially with the XL mod, still the best TW mod out there finneys13 claims to this very day.

After M2TW was released, finneys13 returned to TWC to pick up any faction information and looking for the early mods that fixed the problems that came with M2TW 1.0. From that, he got interested in doing some historical research for Wrath of the Norsemen, especially for the non-Nordic Germanic factions and the Celtic factions such as the Carolingians, Lombards, Saxons and Northumbria.

One part of his research mandate was creating namelists for many factions in Wrath of the Norsemen, which in turn led him into creating a Scottish namelist for the Character Names Project (CNP) in medieval Gaelic. His modding education continued, when he modified CNP to be compatible with the Stainless Steel mod.

Soon after finneys13 did that and showed he had an idea of knowing how to modify the names in M2TW, deRougemont, the founder and first leader of CNP, announced his departure from TWC and offered the leadership of CNP to finneys13. After some stalling and deliberation with himself over taking the post as he would be without a copy of the game for the summer, he accepted the post.

Since then, finneys13 has continued deRougemont's work, releasing CNP 3.0 which gave realistic character names to all playable factions and the Papacy, and at the moment is planning on releasing CNP 4.0, which will also give proper names to the Aztecs, Mongols and Timurids, as well as the new Kingdoms factions.

In July 2007, finneys13 was promoted to the rank of Artifex under the patronship of Selenius4tsd, which also makes finneys13 a member of the Royal House of the Black Prince, 5th generation.

As well as modding, researching and organising his forum, finneys13 also finds some time to post his opinions in the Off Topic areas of TWC, notably the Political Mudpit, Political Academy and Vestigia Vetustatis.

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