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Character Names Project

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Character Names Project
Platform Medieval II: Total War
Mod Type Name Upgrade
Mod Leader finneys13
Release Status V3.00
Forum / Thread Here


The Character Names Project's goal is to overhaul all of M2TW's character names so that they are as historically accurate as possible. Furthermore, the mod aims to increase the number of names in each list in order to create a more diverse character (specifically family) tree in M2TW.


  • Authentic period names (with proper spellings and accents, etc.)
  • More diversity amongst names (the modified lists are larger than the vanilla lists)
  • All families will start the game with surnames/bynames
  • Popes will have proper regnal names
  • 18 factions with entirely new character names lists
  • Factions titles, ie. King and Prince, in native languages and grammar
  • Common regal names will appear more often for their factions

Factions Covered

New factions added with CNP 3.0:

From previous versions:



External Links

  • Character Names Project forum at TWC.
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