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Papal States (M2TW Faction)

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The Papal States is a non-playable faction in Medieval II: Total War. Historically the Papal States was one of the major Italian states, until the Unification of Italy in 1861. The head of the States is always the Pope, who leads "God's Armies" into battle, and governs the only Papal city in the game, Rome. Players cannot play as the Papal States unless enabled by modding the descr_strat file. When trying to unlock the Papal States and other non-playable factions, you should remember that gameplay as them can be unstable.They are similar to the senate of Rome total war.

Papal States (M2TW Faction)
Papal States faction symbol
Name: The Papal States
From Game: Medieval II: Total War
Culture: Southern European


Starting Position

Papal States Starting Position.

They start in the middle of the Italian Peninsula.

Their settlement is;

  • Rome: Capital - Minor City

Victory Conditions

  • Long campaign: Hold 100 regions.
  • Short campaign: Hold 80 regions.

Campaign Play

This campaign is one of... irony. You start off with very high armoured units such as the Papal Guard and Swiss Guard. You can quickly develop Rome into a powerhouse and adopt family members, but beware of crossing Milan and Sicily. This is where the irony comes in, if either Milan or Sicily attack you, they suffer no penalties but you do. You can face excommunication from the pope which will probably command your army. But if you manage to defend your cities, the rest of the campaign is a slice of cake. Your heavy infantry from your large cities will... well defeat your enemies quite quickly and your stronghold in Italy is not easily opposed.


Papal States Generals Bodyguard.
  • Light Infantry
    • Peasants
    • Italian Militia
  • Heavy Infantry
    • Halberd Militia
    • Dismounted Feudal Knights
    • Dismounted Men at Arms
    • Swiss Guard
  • Spearmen Infantry
    • Sergeant Spearmen
    • Armoured Sergeants
    • Pike Militia
    • Italian Spear Militia
    • Papal Guard
  • Missile Infantry
    • Peasant Archers
    • Peasant Crossbowmen
    • Pavise Crossbowmen
    • Pavise Crossbow Militia
    • Arquebusiers
    • Hand Gunners
  • Light Cavalry
    • Mounted Sergeants
  • Heavy Cavalry
    • Knights Hospitaller
    • Knights Templar
    • Cavalry Militia
    • Broken Lances
    • Men at Arms
    • Feudal Knights
    • Mailed Knights
  • Missile Siege
    • Ballista
    • Catapult
    • Tebuchet
    • Bombard
    • Mortar
    • Ribault
    • Culverin
    • Great Cross
  • Naval
    • Galley
    • Lanternas
    • War Galley
    • Carrack

Faction Details

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Papal States Details (M2TW Faction)

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