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Wrath of the Norsemen

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Wrath of the Norsemen
Platform Medieval II: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraMedieval (785-1050 AD)
Mod Leader Úlfhéðinn
Release Status v1.3.2
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Wrath of the Norsemen: Baltic Release throws you into the Viking Age complete with new factions, new units, a new map, improved AI, new scripts and much more. Its first release focuses on the events around the Baltic sea between the years 785 to 1050. Command some of the greatest Early Middle Age kingdoms around the Baltic, and defend yourself from the occurring Rus' as you battle it out for ultimate supremacy.


The mod will take place from 785-1050 AD and will cover the affairs of the wars between ununited Scandinavian tribes and the surrounding peoples across the Baltic sea. Wrath of the Norsemen takes the most dynamic, fun and bloodthirsty era and throws it into M2TW: Kingdoms.


Wrath of the Norsemen was originally started by tnick777, but the idea was later put into action by Raven Darkwing not long after being voted "Most Promising Mod for M2TW" in the TWC Modding Awards in early 2007. Previews are released and the position of leader is later given to mocker, but progress was becoming too slow and the mod eventually died. A few months later the mod is officially restarted under the leadership of Víkingr, but due to lack of team members the original plan of a Viking age mod spanning most of Europe is pushed to the side to instead create a smaller Baltic centred mod. Since then the mod has progressed well and various previews have been released. The Baltic Total War team gave permission to use their models and skins to assist in the development of the faction rosters, and have provided much information for the Curonian faction. The "Baltic Release" is said to be ready for release either at the end of 2010 or the first quarter of 2011, but there is no official release date.

Faction List

Danmaurk (Danish Vikings) - Pagan

Gautlandi (Gautland Vikings) - Pagan

Norðvegr (Norwegian Vikings) - Pagan

Sweþiuð (Swedish Vikings) - Pagan

Hálogaland (Norwegian Vikings) - Pagan

Kursi (Curonian Balts) - Pagan

Häme (Tavastian Finns) - Pagan

Holmgarðr (Novgorod Rus') - Pagan

In addition, there are a number of factions that were in the original version of the mod before being dropped. These were:

The Picts
The Picts were one of the most unique factions in the mod, as they had a very diverse unit roster in which some troops could only be recruited in certain provinces. Also, they had a huge armourment of weapons ranging from axes to pikes to swords to javelins and bows. Lastly, They would have had a very interesting tech tree, and would start off with a very basic and weak tech tree, but when progressed up quickly would unlock powerful units and features.

They had a very good infantry and decent archers, but lacked the powerful cavalry of other nations.

Pictish Unique Units:

Claiomhnaghta The average Pict soldier is brave, determined and skilful. Couple this with discipline and tactics, and you have an extremely able soldier. These troops are well trained and disciplined, and are armed with javelins and a fine sword, and protected by a sturdy shield. They form a compact and explosive force on the battlefield, and can be deployed effectively almost anywhere.

Toisechs The Nobles of Pictish society can afford to keep around them a retinue of battle-hardened troops, hired from the ranks of the Gai Aurmahr. They are better armed and of higher fighting skill than the common soldiers. These troops are equipped with the Gallic Pike, a fearsome weapon against cavalry and foot soldiers, and a large shield slung on their back.

Máineacha Most Pictish warriors seem to have avoided heavy armour, but some particularly savage Picts may have gone into battle without even shield to protect them. The appearence of the Máineacha inspired fear amongst their enemies, and only by utilizing bows and javelins could the enemy have any safety from these madmen.

Principality of Moravia

Moravia was a mainly infantry based civilization, with excellent use of spears and axes but also had some good cavalry. On the other hand they lacked archers and other long-range support.

Moravian Unique Units:

Výhonek These are extremely well trained and well armoured spearmen, capable in both offense and defense. They are part of a military group set up by Mojmír I to deal with the threat of enemy cavalry and the previously inherent weakness of Moravia's spear armed forces. They are armed with long spears, and a large shield, with heavy armour. They are excellent professional troops, and will not break easily.

Moravian Druzhina The Moravians have a proud tradition of warfare, and these warriors are the cream of the Moravian military, and often used as a bodyguard for princes. They are armed with a javelin, an axe and a shield. The Druzhina are commonly mistaken for skirmishers because of their javelins, a mistake that the enemy has not lived long enough to rectify. They dedicate their entire lives to their craft, making them people to be feared on the battlefield. Their method of warfare is simple. They throw their javelins and close, screaming, with their enemy and hack them to pieces with their hand axes.

Valaška-Muži These men are armed with the powerful Moravian Valaška. A Valaška is a smaller light-weight axe on a long straight wooden shaft with a metal butt. The length of the shaft is slightly above 1 metre, and the metal axe on top is small and thick, sharp on one side while the other side can be used as a hammer. The top of the axe is always formed in a way that it would fit in one's hand and could be used as a walking stick. Armoured in scale, these men dedicate their lives to working with the Valaška and wield it two-handed, with a shield slung on their back. These are dangerous foes.

Principality of Nitra
They boasted some excellent troops, but had little variety in units.

Principality of Nitra unique units:

Težek Vojščak Every army has a heavily armoured unit, able to go toe-to-toe with other heavy infantry and able to protect and encourage the rest of the army. These heavy infantry provide the Nitran army with just that. They are armed with swords and large shields and can stand up to most other infantry in a fight. The Težek Vojščak are well disciplined, which allows them to form the Shieldwall.

Heavy Infantry

Long sword, Hooped rectangular shield, Full Mail armour

Very good morale, good stamina, can form shieldwall, 60 Men, Cost: High

Armour upgrades: Lamellar and Mail

Team Members

Previous Members:

Members of the new team:

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