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Raven Darkwing

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Raven Darkwing is a member of the Total War Center forums. He joined the site on January 27, 2007. Amongst his accomplishments, he has served as both a moderator and content writer, earning both the bronze mace and quill, respectively.

Raven Darkwing was the team leader of the Wrath of the Norsemen mod for Medieval II: Total War, until he handed leadership off to Mocker, another TWC member.

Originally, Raven Darkwing had intended to be named only Raven, but as that name was picked already, he added "Darkwing" to the end, and the name has stuck with him thus. He enjoys browsing mainly the Games, Activities and Chat section of the forums, and is known for his antics in the Say Cheese thread, which include:

- Posting scary pictures of himself.

- Posting up a picture of a giant middle finger to Thanatos. Originally meant as a rebuttal to his comments, Thanatos instead embraced the picture immediately, and the entire event has become something of a running gag on TWC, Raven giving Thanatos the bird.

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