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Sétanta, better known as Mudd (and always being mispelled as Setanta), is a Patrician, Civitate, Librarian and ex Councillor de Civitate/Councillor de Pacis. He joined TWC on October 06, 2005 after lurking since about September of 2004. He was introduced to this site in Cooking class, one of his friends knew that he was interested in a new game that was about to come out: Rome: Total War, and he knew that this site had some stuff on it. So he lurked, until finally he decided one day, "ah, what the heck, I have been lurking for a year, why not join." And so he joined. By March 26 2006, he was a Civitate. Apparently he had been noticed for his posting in the Political Mudpit, but every time he looks at my old posts he shudders and wonders how the hell he ever was promoted. If he was a CdeC member then (actually, the CdeC didn't exist back then), he most definitely would have voted against himself.

Anyways, he posted merrily for a while until the staff reforms where he went berserk opposing it, got demoted to Civitate and then got promoted again. Then he posted along for a while until summer 2006, when one late night he was talking on IM with a couple friends, one of them Katrina, who I introduced to the site. She went on to become a global moderator, and although she pretends her patron is Nihil, it's really Sétanta. He also patronised Crimson Scythe, another Mudpit extraordinaire, and Drak10687, an extremely skilled modder who designed the settlements in the awesome Chivalry Total War.


His name is Sean. He goes by Mudd, or in TWC's case, Sétanta. Good for me. He livse in Redmond, Washington, the home of Microsoft, which explains his ardent defense that Microsoft doesn't want to take over the world, and even if it does, all the better for him. He is Irish-American, with relatives in Washington, USA; British Columbia, Canada and County Cork, Ireland. He is very conservative. He is opposed to gay marriage (but not gay people), abortion, and he supports free markets with some restrictions. He has been labeled as a Neo-Con, but he doesn't like being described as anything. He likes girls and swimming.

According to himself he is the most relaxed person ever. He hates white cheese, Utah, communists, and toast.

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