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Lord Rahl

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Lord Rahl
Lord Rahl avatar.png
Ranks: Citizen, Content Editor
Patron: MadBurgerMaker
Patron of: O Cathasaigh, Major. Stupidity, Kscott, Major-König, Nationalist_Cause, Kleos, Rush Limbaugh, General_Curtis_LeMay, NIKO_TWOW.RU

Lord Rahl has long been a talented creator of graphics for TWC, having developed new skins for the forums including "Rahl's Style" and "Pub". He also has created sets of badges for the community.

Since the beginning of 2012 he has also been the Content Director in charge of The Helios publication.

Personality-wise, he is known for his appreciation of good beer, championing the TWC Beer Association, and for his love of Star Trek (never hesitating to elucidate its superiority over Star Wars). He occasionally posts his infamous rants in issues of the Helios, and reviews films from time to time in his dedicated reviewing thread. His demeanour is generally cynical yet not without humour.

As his signature will remind you, his previous ranks include CdeC, Urbanis Legio and Quaestor. He also possesses a slew of various awards for his contributions.

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