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Patrician of TWC

Badges/Staff Roles:Patrician
Patron of:Ringeck


Home: Sydney, Australia.

Born in NSW and raised in Tasmania, now living in Sydney - real name Tim O'Neill. He holds a BA (Hons) and an MA in medieval English literature. He now works as a Senior Consultant with an international human resources consulting group.


Medieval literature; medieval languages, particularly the older forms of the Germanic language family; medieval warfare, arms and armour; the origins of Christianity; the formation of the canon of the Bible; early European calligraphy, illumination and bookcrafts; medieval science and technology; the history and culture of the early Germanic tribes; the history and culture of the Huns; the last centuries of the Western Roman Empire; international affairs; the origins and progress of the Iraq War; Australian military history; good beer; good wine; trout fishing.

Webmaster and author of the History vs The Da Vinci Code website.


Joined October 19, 2004

A regular poster on Vestigia Vetustatis, known for his lengthy and detailed posts, links to relevant books and combative debating style. Also known for his debates in The Political Mudpit, particularly on the Iraq War, and on Ethos, Mores, et Monastica on early Christianity, church history and atheism.


Voted "Best Historical Poster 2006" and nominated for "Best Debater 2006"

Awarded the Philosopher's Robe "for dispelling numerous myths about most everything time and time and time and time and time again" - June 07, 2007


Member of the House of Wilpuri.

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