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Hexagon Council

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Hexagon Council
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Current Staff: View Here

The Hexagon Council or ‘Hex’ are the main body which performs the day-to-day administration of Total War Center and its forums. They are the highest rank of staff on Total War Center and can be contacted should you have any concerns or questions that you feel other staff cannot answer.


The administrators of the Total War Center site and forums are collectively known as the Hexagon Council or 'Hex'. When the new Syntagma was introduced they ceased to be known as the 'Hexagon Council'. However, eventually the old name was introduced again. Currently, the administrators of TWC are officially known as the Hexagon Council, or Hex in short, again.

This Council is the main body which performs the day to day administering of the Total War Center and its forums.

The current system of administration was introduced after imb39 bought the site and a new Syntagma was introduced. The old system which this is loosely based around was created after the Merger of the Old Hex and the Triumvirate caused by the aftermath of the Staff Reforms in October 2006. The internal working of the Council is for the most part determined by itself. Members are usually promoted from the relevant branch of Staff following an internal vote, although members may equally be promoted from outside of Staff at the Council's discretion as current events and requirements dictate.

Definition of Roles

Within Hex there are a number of primary roles:

  • The Site Owner
  • Moderation Hex: Serves as overseer of the Moderation Staff.
  • Content Hex: Serves as head of the Content Staff.
  • Technical Hex: Serves at the highest level of Technical Staff.
  • Gaming Hex: Serves as head of the Gaming Staff.
  • Modding Hex: Oversees the Modding areas of the site.
  • Awards & Competitions Hex: Serves as Head of Awards Committees and runs general Competitions

Other possible roles include overseeing the TWC Store.

Present Membership

Administrator Emeritus

Those who are Administrator Emeritus are former Hexers who have left office but are kept around in staff for advisory type roles.

List of Administrator Emeritus

Hexagon account

Before the May 2005 crisis, an administrative account named simply Hexagon was shared by Hex members to carry out various duties and to post on behalf of Hex as a whole. In that crisis, however, the account was used by Crandar to impersonate Spartan and carry out various bannings and modifications. After that was uncovered, the account was demoted to the rank of Civitate and has not been used since except for the occasional joke by an admin.

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