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House de Bodemloze

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House de Bodemloze is a small but conspicuous House, owing to the fact that its members have a tradition of adopting 'de Bodemloze' as part of their username. House de Bodemloze traces its origins back to the House of Baltar, which in turn extends from that of Wilpuri. There are two major branches of the de Bodemloze family, that of Mega Tortas, and that of Radzeer.

The House has long been associated with writing and literature on the forum, with many of their members being noted AARtists, staff members in the Writers' Study, and critics for the Critic's Quill. The House boasts four of the twenty-seven Phalera awards, five of the twelve Writers' Study Gold Medals and numerous awards in the Scriptorium writing competitions. Outside of writing, the House also features many dedicated and talented modders, with two Opifex awards and twelve Modding Awards to their name.


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