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Prince of Macedon

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Prince of Macedon

A well-known RTW player, Prince of Macedon is the host of many popular RTW online tournaments. He is famous in the community for his numerous commentary multiplayer battles on YouTube. As his name suggests, he most often plays as Macedon, playing games at low money levels. He does so because he believes that it keeps the game fair, and because in such a setup archers are still effective, unlike high money games. In almost all of his videos, he is shown winning the game, leading many to believe that he is almost invincible. He is viewed as a great strategist by his fanbase, although his reputation amongst competitive RTW players is mixed.

Principles regarding censorship

Comments often appear on Prince of Macedon's videos wherein people claim to have beaten him. He aggressively denies these accusations when they occur and often blocks such commentators - he is known to have lost battles having promised to upload a battle to his channel regardless of the results and, on losing, refused to discuss the battle. Images of battle turnouts in which he has been defeated are available on the internet and he has uploaded a small number to his channel.


He sometimes use humor in his battles, for instance saying “Bless You” when his archers sneeze, and sometimes uses unpredictable tactics, such as ambushing larger units.== His Troop selection == Royal Pikemen: A hoplite unit that has the same number of troops as falangites (240 men). These Royal Pikemen are better protected than Silver shields or Bronze shields and Pharaohs Guard. They provide a very solid anvil. Companion cavalry: Elite horsemen with good armor and a very good charge. These men excel at flank and rear attacks. With proper flanking companions and not all cavalry units selected at one single enemy unit head on these men are able to kill anything. Archers: Very cheap - they may lack the punch of the Cretan archers but they leave more room for upgrades. They also provide a great distraction that keeps enemy archers busy while attacking with melee troops.

Attack is best defense

Prince of Macedon is an aggressive player and this has several advantages: Forcing his opponent to respond to him and taking the initiative in a battle, being able to make breakthroughs against his enemies strategically, and then exploiting those breakthroughs before his enemy can strategically reassess his position. The enemy player is more likely to isolate his own cavalry making it easier for Prince of Macedon or his allies to attack the enemy cavalry from all sides, causing mayhem in the enemy ranks.

Counter measures

These are the tactics that have been succesfully used to defeat PoM in the past - his primary weakness is in his brash confidence in his traditional strategy's success. However, PoM is known to claim that any defeats he has suffered are due to - A: Allowing his opponent to win directly or B: Handicapping himself to the extent that not even "Alexander the Great himself" could win the battle.

As PoM prefers to play low-cost matches, focusing one's upgrades on specific units is often counterintuitive. Instead, an effective strategy is to purchase high-quality cavalry and spread one's upgrades thinly about one's pikemen and infantry. Through this, an offensive enemy's archers are easily either destroyed or forced into defensive formation - if the former is true, an aggressive player will himself often be forced to adopt a defensive strategy, and will thus be playing to his own army's weakness. This has lead to Prince of Macedon's defeat several times. His army's abilities are often based on 'keystones' - that is, a specific unit is often vital to the succesful execution of his own battle-plan. Therefore, if one can ascertain that a unit is playing a vital strategy in his plan, putting pressure on this unit with small skirmishes or, if the unit is intended to lure you into a trap, exploiting the absence of said unit from an aggressive player's army is often highly effective in forcing the game under your control. More specific advice is difficult to provide as an aggressive player's moves are often unpredictable and, with Prince's play style, this issue is often exacerbated by Prince's common tactic of erratic movements which are usually impossible to predict. With this said, PrinceofMacedon, like any player, is not invincible.

His YouTube Channel.


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