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King Kong

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King Kong


Badges/Staff Roles:Patrician, Civitate, Artifex, Citizen
House:The Imperial House of Hader
Patron of:Germanicu5, Quark, jản, MasterBigAb, Chim
Forum Profile:Here


Arguably the most famous mod developer on TWC. He is responsible for creating TATW as well as Stainless Steel, two of the most popular and influential mods created to date.

In 2014 King Kong left the TWC community to pursue a career in software and game development.

Games Owned

Medieval: Total War,

Rome: Total War,

Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion,

Rome: Total War Alexander,

Medieval 2: Total War,

Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms,

Modding History

Team Leader of TATW

Creator of Stainless Steel

Current/Former Badges and Badged Roles

Badge Description
Artifex radadir.png An Artifex is a Citizen who chooses to be recognized as having their strongest ties to the Total War community.
3K Patrician.png Patrician is an honorary title and user group reserved for those who hold one of the Opifex, Phalera, Asterix's Loincloth, or Novus, large medals, and also for former Administrators who served for at least six months.


Award Type Reason
Opifex large.png Opifex Awarded for exceptional modding or other TW-related contributions to the board. Received November 15, 2008
M2TW Maward 07.png Modding Award Winner Favourite M2TW Modder 2007. Received February 02, 2009
M2TW Maward 08.png Modding Award Winner Best M2TW Modder 2008, Best M2TW Unit Model Artist 2008, Best M2TW Mapper 2008. Received February 04, 2009
M2TW Maward 09.png Modding Award Winner Awarded for winning the 'Favourite Modder (M2TW)' and 'Favourite Mapper (M2TW)' categories in the 2009 Modder Awards. Received February 19, 2020
M2TW Maward 09.png Modding Award Winner Awarded for winning the 'Favourite Modder (M2TW)', 'Favourite Unit Texture Artist (M2TW)' and 'Favourite Unit Model Artist (M2TW)' categories in the 2010 Modder Awards. Received February 12, 2011
M2TW Maward 10.png Modding Award Winner Awarded for winning the 'Coder (M2TW)', 'Modeller (M2TW)', 'Texturer (M2TW)' and 'Mapper (M2TW)' categories in the 2011 Modder Awards. Received May 03, 2012
SA2009-sm.png Classic Most Popular Modder For winning runner up in the Favourite classical modder in the 2018 Awards! Received July 11, 2019
2016 classic large.png Member Award Winner Most Valued Member 2009. Received November 14, 2009

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