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Navajo Joe

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Navajo Joe
Navajo Joe.jpg


House:The Imperial House of Hader
Forum Profile:Here


Navajo Joe was patronized by Cedric37 of The Imperial House of Hader. He has no offspring.

Games Owned

Shogun: Total War,

Shogun: Total War Mongol Invasion,

Medieval: Total War,

Medieval: Total War Viking Invasion,

Rome: Total War,

Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion,

Rome: Total War Alexander,

Medieval 2: Total War,

Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms,

Empire: Total War,

Napoleon: Total War,

Total War: Shogun 2,

Current/Former Badges and Badged Roles

Badge Description
3K Citizen.png A Citizen is someone who has been recognized by the community for their accomplishments and does not choose to identify as an Artifex or a Civitate.
Consilium de Civitate Empire.png The CdeC members used to oversee the promotion of new citizens, and carry out disciplinary procedures


Award Type Reason
Cdec bronze.png Bronze Consilium de Civitate Service Medal Navajo Joe was awarded a shiny medallion for his efforts after two terms on CdeC. He took this medallion and kept it for himself, showing it off to the rest of the world. Wish him well, for he has done a good thing. Received January 10, 2013.

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