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Macky joined the Total War Center in the year of our Lord April 23rd 2007. He continued to lurk around the forums, barely posting and mainly spending his time following the progress of mods. He began his posting career in the autumn of 2007 in the Broken Crecent forums where he recieved the first of many reps that would soon give him more than modest e-penis. In February 2008 he decided to join Hegemonia City States and Res Gestae Imperiales mod teams. It was while working on Res Gestae that he met his future patron, Pontifex as well as starting a repping 'affair' with agisilaos, another team member. This resulted in another e-penis boost.

It was during the spring/early summer of 2008 that Macky decided to turn his gaze towards the community forums, the Thema Devia being his earlier haunt. Although Macky has since moved on from posting there, he is forced to write articles for the Helios about that place. On no less than 4 epic threads, Macky engaged Attila on several occasions over the Concilium Plebis idea in August - October 2008. In October 2008 Macky was Patronised by Pontifex and he passed his Citizenship vote, a week after The Sundance Kid had also offered him Patronage. Since then Macky has become somewhat of a liberal and an advocate on decreasing the harshness of moderation on the grounds that its becoming too draconian. He was 'sent down' in November along with Magic Man for Harassment which was later reversed.

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