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Artifex of TWC

House:The Imperial House of Hader
Forum Profile:Here

Radboud registered on the 10th of February 2009. He is a former member of Content Art Staff, former Moderator and holds the rank of Artifex.

About Radboud


Radboud first joined TWC in February 2009. Getting involved with the Third Age: Total War community he was inspired to become a modder which resulted in released mods like Isengard Culture Submod for Third Age: Total War, in collaboration with Inarus; award winning GoT Submod for Westeros: Total War and afterwards Westeros: Total War.

Entering the graphics workshop and the graphics competitions, which he has won 6 times, Radboud joined Content Art Staff by invitation from y2day. He became responsible for overseeing the graphics competition and forum and On October 7 2012 he published the 6th edition of The Illustrator at an attempt to revive the publication. After having served Content Art Staff for over a year he resigned. Maintaining activity in the graphics workshop, Radboud co-founded The Carnal Tweet with Inarus and Finlander which saw 3 publications in 2014.

Having served Content Art Staff and released a few mods, he was approached by Finlander to become Citizen and was awarded Citizenship. In 2013, Radboud Served 2 terms with the Consilium de Civitate in which few remarkable things occurred and all of that time is lost to memory.

After some time he was asked to join Moderation staff by Lolisuck, but due to inactivity was then let go without contributing much to moderation. After contributing to the Gamer's Gazette Radboud became inactive on TWC, just popping by every once in a while.

Current Ranks held

Rank Description
3K Artifex.png Citizenship for TW related contributions.

Former Ranks held

Rank Description
3K Content Artist.png Content Art Staff
3K Moderator.png Junior Moderator


Award Type Reason
Graphics comp bronze large.png Graphics Competition Medal For winning GW Competition #152, #156, and #166. Received August 12, 2012.
Quillbiggold.png Scribe's Quill Awarded for time served as a member of Content Art Staff for over 1 year. Received May 15, 2013.
Cdec bronze.png Consilium de Civitate Service Medal For having served two terms with the CdeC. Received December 19, 2013.
Mod Award 2012 M2TW.png 2012 Modding Awards Awarded for winning one or more categories in the 2012 Medieval 2 Modding Awards. Received January 17, 2014.
Artistbig.png TWC University Doctorate Degree Awarded for helping the Gamer's Gazette for two years in a row with incredible art. Received January 16, 2017.


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