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Ranks: Artifex | Citizen
Patron : Ngugi
House : The Imperial House of Hader

About Mank

Mank registered on March 8th, 2013, and became a Citizen and Artifex already in July 2013.
He is often encountered in the Third Age Total War hosted mod forum, where he have released a couple of mods of his own and and aided other existing mods.
Mank has distinguished himself as skilled and generous, providing extensive help in modding matters to fellow TWC members.


Mank have released a copuple of submods to Third Age: Total War.

- Contribution: completely re-designed the recruitment system to increase the recruiting capacity for all A.I. factions, added a completely new script to balance the A.I economy, and created a three tier event system which slowly unlocks increasingly improved buildings and units as the game progresses.


- Introductory GIMP techniques to create and add new building artwork into M2TW.

Other creations

Mank have been helpful creating avatars on request from fellow TWC members, and published poems.

Current Ranks

Rank Description
Citizen radadir.png Citizen is a special rank given as a reward by the CdeC to those members who make a significant contribution to the Forum.
Artifex radadir.png An Artifex is someone who earned their rank through modding a TW game.

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