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Arachir Galudirithon

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Arachir Galudirithon
Ranks: Citizen | Artifex
Patron : Ngugi
House : The Imperial House of Hader

About Arachir Galudirithon

Arachir Galudirithon registered on February 15, 2012, and became active due to interest in Third Age: Total War some time after.
He began his modding path as writer for Divide and Conquer in spring 2013. DaC was released in December 2013, and during 2014 when Emperor of Hell resigned Galudirithon took operational responsibility, and in time sole team leader responsibility, which he is currently still holding.
For DaC, and other related Tolkien and game content, he host a popular Youtube channel.
For a short period he was Local Moderator for the TATW forum.
He became a Citizen in October 2014.

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