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Wars of the Diadochi

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Wars of the Diadochi
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Total conversion
EraHellenic (319-276 BC)
Mod Leader Turk
Release Status Version 1.16
Forum / Thread None

This mod gives depth and accuracy to Diadochi factions, focusing on the era between the rise and fall of the successor states around 305 BC - 147 BC. It introduces two main campaigns, 279 BC and 305 BC. The mod strives for impeccable unit and AI balance, while delivering the ultimate RTW gameplay experience.


The first Diadochi TW was started for Medieval: Total War. The original team did work on the map and some of the factions, until the mod stalled for 2 years. Alogic collected important information about the Successors and their army, until he left the Forum and the Mod changed leadership. Meneledil took over the leadership. This second team stopped working on the mod after some time as well. Turk started to work on a Diadochi project anew. He recruited a new team and started to collect information. The new team had some problems getting maps, units etc. so the third Diadochi TW was also close to death. But then, with the help of Uranos, Wars of the Diadochi obtained the files of the old Diadochi TW and began work on the mod again. Nothing has been released for the mod for years at the moment, making it a dead mod.


It is the year 309BC, Alexander the Great is dead, he has left a great Empire without a real successor. Every officer in the army of Alexander wants to lead the greatest Empire in the world but who will be the successor?

This mod brings the Empire of Alexander to life. The Successors are constantly fighting eachother, and try to continue the plans of Alexander before he died. Players can conquer Carthage and Italy and be the ruler of the Ancient world. Romans are ready to expand into east, Scythians are ready to invade Thrace, Saka are ready to invade the eastern provinces of the Seleucid Empire. The Mauryans are waiting for their chance to destroy the Seleucids, like the Kushites now waiting for the chance to destroy the Empire of Ptolomaios Soter.



Wars of the Diadochi has 18 complete Factions and 2 unplayable ones. All of the factions can be put under a certain title. The Diadochi factions are five factions, an example is the Ptolemaic Empire. The Diadochi factions each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and as such could help eachother to become stronger. There currently is only one eastern faction, Bithynia. Although it cannot rely on allies from the start of the game, it is still a force to be reckoned with. The Greek factions, the Aetolian League, Achean League and Rhodes, are as the name implies based in Greece. They will not hesitate to fight eachother, though the Aetolian Achean League is non-playable. The Barbarian factions are the 'uncivilised' nations who often rely on pure strength rather than tactics and formations. The other 3 factions cannot be united under one name, as each is very different from the other factions. Those three factions are the Sabean Kingdom, Kush, and the Mauryan Empire.

New features

The mod features 12 new city-specific Hoplites, each with their own stats and look. The Spartan hoplites may be the most well-known example, but the mod also features others, like the Tarentine hoplites from Tarentum and the Cypriote hoplites from Cyprus. There are even more hoplites though, Wars of the Diadochi has a total of 17 hoplite-type units. The vegetation and skies have changed from the Vanilla game, in an attempt to make the game more realistic. This is done by integration three other mods into Wars of the Diadochi, namely the Realistic Landscape mod by Anyan, the Tree Mod by Orrie Boi, and the Skies from Bare Bones Wars. The mod features a new battle system, which makes the battles last longer and make them more challenging and fun to play. Wars of the Diadochi adapted the city model and the ships and strat map units from Prometheus and riczu. This makes the Strat Map look completely different. A number of new Historical Battles are added. From Gaugamela with Alexander the Great, to Magnesia where Rome gets the power in the Mediterranean Sea. Complete new Buildings such as Port of Carthage, Buleuterion and much more are added, and all buildings are revised. The troop recruitment system has been changed. The barracks for Native and other units are separated, units are more expensive, and the peasants are removed from the game. Certain scripts are added to the mod to make the game more challenging.




King Louise Assurbanipal




Tiberius ofthe Drake

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